The Old Tree Review

If you like free games and Indie ones as well, you got to check out The Old Tree.

The Old Tree is a point-and-click puzzle, adventure game developed by Red Dwarf Games.

In this 2D game, the player is confronted with puzzles in order to progress the cute, little alien’s journey. Immediately when I was directed to the site, I found myself looking at a black screen with the faint flickering of a red light. After clicking the red light with my mouse, a pile of eggs were revealed amidst an underground cavern. The journey truly begins once you reveal a four-limbed blob-like creature, who you will guide through the uniquely styled environment developed by two brothers from Hungary.

While I have not played Limbo or Machinarium, I can truly see the similarities of those games to the artistic style of The Old Tree. In this amazing free Indie game, you are forced to figure out how to progress the little alien on your own accord; no prompts, no hints. Honestly, the purpose of the player is to help the creature move about and is prompted to help the creature when he halts his little, two-limbed pulling movements. You’ll find yourself fumbling with clicking the environment to find an object to interact with. While traveling through the dark world to the rather eerie background and buzzing insects, you essentially take on the mindset of the newborn’s thoughts by investigating all of its surroundings.

The game isn’t very long. In fact, it’s fairly short if you’re used to these types of games. But overall, it’s definitely worth the time to immerse your mind in this atmospheric game. If you enjoyed this game, look out for Tales of Cosmos. Currently it’s in development and has been for two years. Actually, Tales of Cosmos is the main project of Red Dwarf Games, while its predecessor The Old Tree is the spinoff. If you would like a little more information on Red Dwarf Games and their upcoming Tales of Cosmos game, check out Indie Game Magazine’s interview by Chris Priestman.

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