LoL Spectator Patch Preview

League of Legends is receiving some interesting changes to the gameplay. They are upping the magic resist per level to five champions: Alistar, Amumu, Leona, Nunu, and Taric. They are also changing the stats and cost of a few AP items like Deathfire’s Grasp and Morello’s Evil Tome to provide more variety to what AP caster players may choose for items. In addition, they are changing Yi so his ult has lower cooldown in early levels as well as changing the ratios on Ryze, thus people may wish to build him with more AP rather than mana stacking. Check out Riot Games’ new ideas below.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed announced

In late 2012, SEGA will release a new game, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, featuring Sonic and a bunch of other SEGA characters. The game will be a new racing game that will be for a multitude of consoles: Nintendo 3DS, PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and Xbox 360.

God of War: Ascension will have multiplayer

Take a look at the videos below. One’s the trailer and the other is an interview from IGN about the new multiplayer aspects.

God of War: Ascension multiplayer trailer

God of War: Ascension multiplayer IGN Interview

Red Sox and Celtics lost yesterday; Sox head back home

Yesterday the Red Sox were almost no-hit by Chicago White Sox’s Gavin Floyd in a 4-1 defeat. Beckett was on the mound yesterday and had a rough first inning. After the RBI single given to Alex Rios and the homer to Adam Dunn which gave the White Sox the lead in the first, Beckett looked fine going 6.2 innings, allowing six hits and only three walks, and striking out eight batters. However, Floyd was better. Until the fifth inning when he walked Cody Ross, Floyd had a perfect game and it wasn’t until the seventh inning the Red Sox batters were able to get a hit off of him. Dustin Pedroia broke up Floyd’s bid at a no-hitter. Later after Ortiz’s double, Cody Ross hit an RBI single in the seventh which was the only run the Sox could muster up against Floyd. The Sox won the series, but Red Sox Nation’s brooms didn’t come out in Chicago. The Red Sox now have come back home to take on the Oakland Athletics after a 6-1 road trip. The Sox will host a three game homestand for the Athletics, starting with a match up of Clay Buchholz (2-1, 8.87 ERA) against the left-hander Tommy Milone (3-1, 2.00 ERA).

The Celtics were also not very fortunate last night like the Sox. The Celtics lost their first game 74-83 in round one of the NBA playoffs to the Atlanta Hawks. For much of the beginning, the Celtics didn’t look like themselves and trailed far behind the Hawks. They made a late push in the game, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to surpass the Hawks to take Game 1. Hawks’ Josh Smith scored 22 points and had 18 rebounds. In the first quarter, Garnett only had two points, but later was able to put up 20 points and 11 rebounds. The loss was bad, but the call made in the final minutes was and might possibly be more devastating on the Celtics. Rondo was upset about a foul call made by referee Marc Davis and bumped his chest into the back of him, immediately receiving an ejection call from Davis. Therefore, Rondo might be facing a suspension for Game 2. Certainly I may be biased for being a Celtics fan, but I don’t believe Rondo was purposely bumping into Davis. After looking at the video replay, Rondo tripped over the referee’s foot which probably set him off balanced and thus made a little push into the referee’s back. Last night Rondo had 20 points and 11 assists. He’s a young leader of the Celtics and was perhaps the best player out there last night at least in the first half of the game. Losing Rondo in the upcoming Game 2 would certainly be a huge blow to the Celtics.

“Obviously, I was upset about the call and I said some words to Marc,” Rondo told The Boston Herald. “I deserved the first tech, and as I was walking I thought he stopped, my momentum carried me into him — I even think I tripped on his foot — I didn’t intentionally chest-bump him. But that’s what it appears to be.”

The next Celtics game will be on Tuesday at 7.30pm on TNT on May 1.

The Red Sox play tonight at 7.10pm at Fenway Park. The game will once again be on NESN. The lineup still hasn’t been posted yet.

Riot Games adds Spectator Mode in new patch

In the next patch, as they stated months ago, Riot Games will finally implement the spectator mode they originally announced. You’ll be able to watch your friends play their games. Not only will you be able to watch your own friends, but you’ll also be able to watch “featured games” which will showcase some of the best League of Legends players. Two main features Riot Games added to the new spectator mode are timeshift controls as well as directed camera. The timeshift controls allow people to watch any part of the game in case they missed anything or joined in late to watch the game. It’ll let people be able to watch those key moments nobody ever wants to miss. In addition, the directed camera feature will allow people to watch the most engaging activity that is happening on the Fields of Justice. Therefore, it’ll focus on such actions like First Blood and team fights if they are occurring. The directed camera also lets people choose a specific player to focus their camera on. Check out the official post here.

Diablo III TV spot released several hours before TV debut

If you didn’t catch Diablo III on TV at 9pm or didn’t happen to find it online, here’s the TV spot.

The story behind the cancellation of the sequel to Star Wars: Battlefront

What happened to Star Wars: Battlefront III? Steve Ellis, the Co-founder to Free Radical Games explained why Battlefront III was canceled to GamesIndustry International here (normally I’d cut and paste the article, but it’s rather long). Also, Free Radical Games is now know as Crytek UK since 2009. They are best known for Second Sight and the TimeSplitters series.

Blizzard implements a new restoration system

(PC Gamer)

Do you play WoW? Do you have crazy epic gear on your main? You do?!  Well did you delete that mighty fine staff or perhaps you have made yourself bootless? Well have no fear, Blizzard’s new item restoration system is here. For the low, low price of nothing, you may retrieve the items you once sold, crafted, traded, and deleted with one click of a button through Blizzard’s I have too through my years of playing World of Warcraft made the mistake of deleting an important item; however, I have made sure that never happens again. But mistakes happen. It’s nice that this new system exists rather than patiently (or impatiently) waiting for an answer to your submitted ticket by a Blizzard employee. However, the one important point to this system is you may only do a restoration once per month per an account. Therefore, choose your items very carefully before you restore them, because you’ll have a while to wait if you missed an item.

Red hopes to sweep White; Red Sox extend streak to six

(AP Photo/Paul Beaty)

Lester had an awesome night going seven innings, allowing five hits, no runs, and striking out seven batters in a 1-0 win last night for the Red Sox. Peavy equally had a great night going nine innings, allowing four hits, and also striking out seven batters; however, he allowed one run which was the deciding factor in this pitching duel. It was a RBI single to Gonzalez in the top of the fourth, which gave the Red Sox the lead and put them as the victors. Morales replaced Lester in the top of the eighth. He got two outs before giving up a single to Alexei Ramirez. Then Padilla replaced him and got the third out. Lastly, Aceves had a wonderful 1-2-3 inning, which got him the save and allowed the Red Sox to finally reach .500 baseball.  This afternoon Beckett takes the mound. It looks like Red Sox Nation might be getting their brooms out for a second time in a row this late afternoon.

The game begins at 2.10pm. It’s Beckett (2-2, 4.56 ERA) versus Gavin Floyd (1-3, 3.60 ERA). You can watch the game on NESN and here’s this afternoon’s lineup.

Aviles SS
Sweeney RF
Pedroia 2B
Gonzalez 1B
Ortiz DH
Youkilis 3B
Ross LF
Byrd CF
Shoppach C

Beckett SP

Red Sox 4/28/12 lineup

Here’s the lineup for the Red Sox game. It already started at 7.10pm. You may watch the game on NESN.

Aviles SS
Sweeney RF
Pedroia 2B
Gonzalez 1B
Ortiz DH
Youkilis 3B
Saltalamacchia C
Ross LF
Byrd CF

Lester SP

Indie Gala IV unlocks three more games

Indie Gala IV has just released the rest of the bonus games. In addition to receiving A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda and Alien Shooter, then Disciples II: Gallean’s Return and Altitude (if you pay a minimum of $5.37), you’ll also be able to get Really Big Sky, Alien Shooter 2, and Boss Baddie‘s Wake and Lunnye Devitsy (again this is for those who paid more than the average). There will be a final bonus unlocked next week; however I’m pretty sure it’s not a game. Nine games are unlocked if you pay more than the minimum and if you pay below you’ll still get three decent games as well. Check it out here. It ends in less than 18 days.

Christine Love’s sequel Analogue: A Hate Story available on Steam

Analogue: A Hate Story is now available on Steam for $9.99. Christine Love developed Analogue: A Hate Story to follow up her Digital: A Love Story which was released in 2010. Digital: A Love Story was set “five minutes into the future of 1988” and detailed about an online relationship with a girl. The protagonist, through 1980s bulletin board styled messaging, attempts to figure out the deaths of artificial intelligences with the girl. It is considered a visual novel and was listed as one of the best indie games in 2010.

Christine Love’s follow up of her 2010 hit is set in the future and also focuses on how people interact with computers. In addition, Analogue: A Love Story requires you to explore a ship that was once in contact with Earth. The ship left to form a new colony. With the help of Hyun-ae and Mute, you must figure out what happened to the ship by exploring its logs. During this game, themes such as transhumanism, traditional marriage, loneliness, and cosplay will be explored also.

You may purchase the game on Steam now which is Mac and PC compatible as well. You may also buy it from the site here, which is compatible with Linux too. If you already have a copy of the game and would like a copy connected to your Steam account, you may email Christine at with the subject “Steam code” as well as the address where you purchased the game from.

New Diablo III TV Spot on Sunday

Can’t get enough Diablo III, well on Fox around 9pm EST this Sunday, Blizzard Entertainment will be releasing a new TV spot that shows never-before-seen cinematic footage.

Red Sox extend streak to five

Photo Credit: David Banks/Getty Images

Bard went seven innings and only allowed 3 runs on 6 hits. He also struck out six batters. He gave up the first run in the first and then another in the third because of a throwing error and passed ball by Shoppach. The last run came in the fifth from a solo shot by Paul Konerko. The final score was 10-3 like the previous night against the Chicago White Sox. The Sox bats continued to perform well. Darnell McDonald had an awesome night when he launched a bases clearing double that placed the Red Sox in the lead 6-3 in the fifth. Later in the ninth, McDonald hit his first home run of the season and the last run of the night. Matt Albers relieved Bard and pitched two scoreless innings to keep the Red Sox on top.

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh
It was a pretty cold night. McDonald was also sporting one of those head/neck warmers like Ross is.

Bard starts; Hill back

Boston Red Sox pitcher Rich Hill, right, is assisted by Red Sox catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia as he leaves a game last season with a forearm injury. (AP file)

Daniel Bard (1-2, 4.38 ERA) will be taking the mound tonight against John Danks, (2-2, 5.11 ERA). The Sox game starts at 8.10pm from Cellular Field. Some very good news today, Rich Hill has rejoined the Red Sox in the bullpen after rehabbing from Tommy John Surgery for having a torn UCL. Previously before Hill needed surgery, he had nine scoreless innings from the 2011. Hopefully he’s much better and can effectively pitch. Red Sox could use more scoreless inning pitchers.

Here’s the lineup for tonight.

SS Aviles
2B Pedroia
1B Gonzalez
3B Youkilis
DH Ortiz
RF Ross
C Shoppach
LF McDonald
CF Byrd

Bard SP

Google’s Easter Egg

Google placed a mini-game into their search engine which I’m sure will amuse many people. Be prepared for a lot of clicking. To start, type in “zerg rush” into Google. Not sure what that refers to. Well it’s a common tactic in Blizzard’s StarCraft.

“In the popular real-time strategy genre of video games, the term ‘rush’ is applied to any tactic in which you aim several of your battle units at your enemy at once, immediately overpowering them through sheer weight of numbers. In the hugely successful real-time strategy game Star Craft, it’s a common tactic used by the alien race known as the Zergs” (The Guardian).

TD Garden won’t be empty much longer, here comes the NBA playoffs

After a horrible start to the season the Boston Celtics have come back and made it into the 2012 NBA Playoffs. The Celtics finished off the season well with 87-74 victory against the Bucks last night. The Celtics also finished the 39-27 (.591) with a 24-9 home record. The NBA Playoffs start this Saturday; however the Celtics don’t begin until this Sunday at 7pm against the Atlanta Hawks, who will host the first two games of the series.

Celebrating their 39th and final win of the regular season, two 7-footers, Ryan Hollins and Kevin Garnett, give each other a high five on the parquet floor.
Brian Babineau/NBAE/Getty

Round 1 Dates and Times

Tickets are available now for Round 1 Home Playoff Games 1, 2 and 3. Use the links below to score your tickets now, and get ready for thrilling Playoff basketball at the TD Garden.

Round 1 Home Game 1Friday, 5/4 – 7:30 p.m.

Round 1 Home Game 2Sunday, 5/6 – 7:00 p.m.

Round 1 Home Game 3 (if necessary)Thursday, 5/10 – Time TBD

Here are the NBA Playoffs matchups:

“Mitten don’t have fingahhhhhs!”

7/2/10: NESN announcer Don Orsillo is startled by a fake mouse in the booth

As always the Red Sox are infinitely more entertaining with Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo. Last night Orsillo, the 43 year old, becomes enlightened about the difference between gloves and mittens. Aw I can’t seem to get a video to embed here, but head over to this article to get a good laugh. Also if you click the image above, you can watch another great Orsillo moment a couple years back.

Diablo III class spotlights

UPDATE: Added wizard spotlight.

If you haven’t seen the spotlights on Diablo III‘s characters, well check them out in my post below (unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a wizard spotlight). I hadn’t seen them until now and I thought I’d compile the videos in one area for you. Who will you be playing May 15th?

Diablo III Monk Spotlight

Diablo III Demon Hunter Spotlight

Diablo III Barbarian Spotlight

Diablo III Wizard Spotlight

Diablo III Classes Spotlight

LoL has a new referral program

Riot Games continually updates its well-known free-to-play game, League of Legends. They update every other week at least to bring in a new champion to the Fields of Justice. This week the developer brings you Refer-A-Friend 2.0. A brand new reward program so you may bring more players into the LoL realm and receive instant rewards. However, you don’t have to switch over to Refer-A-Friend 2.0 if you don’t want to, but if you do there’s no switching back. Therefore make your choice wisely (of course that is if you can happen to find that many people to collect a nice chunk of the rewards to make it even worthwhile). But to help your decision along here are some new ideas implemented into the 2.0 version. First off, each time someone you referred reaches level 5 you will instantly receive 250 Influence Points. In addition, each time a referral hits level 10 you’ll receive more points that will allow you to retrieve skins, titles, and even Riot Points. That’s not even including the amount of the IP you’ll receive for how many people you refer either. Check out the lists below, one is the old Refer-A-Friend rewards program and the other is Mr. 2.0.

The original Refer-A-Friend

  • 1: Forum Recruiter badge
  • 10: Tier 3 champion (worth 975 Riot Points)
  • 25: Forum title “Recruiter”
  • 50: Grey Warwick skin
  • 100: The League of Legends Digital Collector’s Pack
  • 150: Forum title “Senior Recruiter”
  • 200: 10,000 Riot Points
  • 250: Forum title “Master Recruiter”
  • 350: Medieval Twitch skin (extremely rare before the new referral program)
  • 500: Get your name added to the “Wall of Fame” in the Riot Office
  • 1,000: A content element will be named after your summoner
  • 5,000: All current and future content permanently unlocked
  • 10,000: An all expenses-paid trip to visit Riot Games and develop a champion with the design team

Refer-A-Friend 2.0

  • 1: 500 IP, “Recruiter” title and badge for the forum
  • 2: 500 IP
  • 3: 500 IP
  • 4: 500 IP
  • 5: 500 IP and a Rune Page
  • 10: 975 RP
  • 25: Grey Warwick skin and “Senior Recruiter” forum title
  • 50: 2,000 RP and Medieval Twitch skin
  • 75: 4,000 RP
  • 100: 10,000 RP and “Master Recruiter” forum title
  • 150+: 5,000 RP for every 50 referrals after 100

Honestly, I really don’t care about either though I think I’d stick with the original, despite its ridiculous amount of referrals (seriously who could ever receive 10,000 referrals, I don’t even see anyone getting more than a 100 or so, but that’s me, an apathetic LoL player). I feel like you receive more substantial rewards from the old ones (trip to their HQ, content element named after your summoner, your name in their office), whereas the new one is clearly tailored to make you tell all your friends to make accounts for the heck of it or even make a bunch of accounts yourself to receive the rather minute rewards. 500 IP is nice, but from a first win of the day, one usually receives 200-300 IP and then the other games you might get 100-150 IP (not even including IP boosts), thus it’s not difficult to receive IP. I think it’s pretty cool if you refer 100 people, you’d receive the The League of Legends Digital Collector’s Pack that would unlock a lot of champions in the old version (though I guess if you’re an LoL fanatic, I suppose you would have all the champions anyway). Also the perk of the new system is the ability to get the rare skins such as Medieval Twitch a lot easier. Is it worth it to switch over? Sure, if you aren’t a fanatic and don’t care about the trip and the content element rewards. I for one haven’t even ever looked at my referral page. See I totally care!

Check out the new program here and sign up if you wish.

On another note, doesn’t this skin look neat!?

Pokémon lovers can get free Pokémon

Pokémon fans may rejoice, come May 9th everyone will be able to retrieve Darkrai. The Mythical-Dark Pokémon will receive a new ability on the launch event and players should be excited about this Pokémon that can attack its opponents with nightmares. If you have a Nintendo handheld and either Game Freak’s Pokémon Black or White, you’ll be able to download this wonderful Pokémon through Nintendo’s Wi-Fi in a couple weeks time.

Q.U.B.E. Collector’s Edition soon and an update

Toxic Games decided to release a Collector’s Edition in Germany and later with Headup Games, they’ll release Collector’s Editions in Austria and Switzerland as well. The CEs will release sometime this summer and will pack extra goodies in the edition along with the soundtrack. Not only will Toxic Games release Collector’s Editions of their puzzler game, but they also be releasing Q.U.B.E.‘s soundtrack chock full of 30 tracks of enjoyment and the 1.5 version update launched. The soundtrack will be priced at $5.99/£4.99/€5.99 and will be made available on iTunes, Amazon and Steam on May 4th. The updated “‘1.2 version [fixed] many of the bugs in Sector 7 of the game and allows you to customize your keyboard layout'” (Indie Game Mag). Learn more about the game at the official website. You may also purchase Q.U.B.E. at Steam, Desura, Gamersgate, and Playism.

Check out the dubstep trailer that was made a couple months ago.

Crawford likely gone for the 2012 season

Unfortunately, it looks like the Sox will be Crawford-less for some time. Crawford was recently diagnosed with a unlar collateral ligament injury, according to Dr. James Andrews. A UCL is a tantamount to a minor tear of the ligament. If the tear happens to get worse, it could lead to Tommy John surgery which the Red Sox are all too familiar with because of the departures of Daisuke Matsuzaka and John Lackey. Crawford was originally out for left wrist surgery and was expected back in the lineup a week or so after Opening Day; however, he has had elbow pain which has recently flared up. Other articles have stated he could be out for just three months (though that would leave only August and September and possibly October if the Sox reach the postseason), but if this gets worse the Sox will really be losing Crawford’s potential for quite a while. In addition, Ellsbury suffered a subluxation and is still expected to be out from 6-8 weeks.

Portal 2 gets a new DLC

Valve’s Portal 2, the sequel to their critically acclaimed Portal, announced they are releasing a new DLC for PC and Mac users. This DLC is pretty special since gamers will be able to create and share the their own levels. In addition, this DLC will be free and available from Steam. Also Steam users may load their creative levels to Steam Workshop so others may use someone’s level as well as vote on their favorites.

Check out this trailer. I never saw this one when it was released a year ago. Perhaps you haven’t seen it either.

Enjoy a new Risen 2 trailer

Risen 2: Dark Waters is out tomorrow. In less than a month, the console version will release on May 22nd. Check out the new trailer the development team, Piranha Bytes, released today.

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