LoL Spectator Patch Preview

League of Legends is receiving some interesting changes to the gameplay. They are upping the magic resist per level to five champions: Alistar, Amumu, Leona, Nunu, and Taric. They are also changing the stats and cost of a few AP items like Deathfire’s Grasp and Morello’s Evil Tome to provide more variety to what AP caster players may choose for items. In addition, they are changing Yi so his ult has lower cooldown in early levels as well as changing the ratios on Ryze, thus people may wish to build him with more AP rather than mana stacking. Check out Riot Games’ new ideas below.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed announced

In late 2012, SEGA will release a new game, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, featuring Sonic and a bunch of other SEGA characters. The game will be a new racing game that will be for a multitude of consoles: Nintendo 3DS, PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and Xbox 360.

God of War: Ascension will have multiplayer

Take a look at the videos below. One’s the trailer and the other is an interview from IGN about the new multiplayer aspects.

God of War: Ascension multiplayer trailer

God of War: Ascension multiplayer IGN Interview

Red Sox and Celtics lost yesterday; Sox head back home

Yesterday the Red Sox were almost no-hit by Chicago White Sox’s Gavin Floyd in a 4-1 defeat. Beckett was on the mound yesterday and had a rough first inning. After the RBI single given to Alex Rios and the homer to Adam Dunn which gave the White Sox the lead in the first, Beckett looked fine going 6.2 innings, allowing six hits and only three walks, and striking out eight batters. However, Floyd was better. Until the fifth inning when he walked Cody Ross, Floyd had a perfect game and it wasn’t until the seventh inning the Red Sox batters were able to get a hit off of him. Dustin Pedroia broke up Floyd’s bid at a no-hitter. Later after Ortiz’s double, Cody Ross hit an RBI single in the seventh which was the only run the Sox could muster up against Floyd. The Sox won the series, but Red Sox Nation’s brooms didn’t come out in Chicago. The Red Sox now have come back home to take on the Oakland Athletics after a 6-1 road trip. The Sox will host a three game homestand for the Athletics, starting with a match up of Clay Buchholz (2-1, 8.87 ERA) against the left-hander Tommy Milone (3-1, 2.00 ERA).

The Celtics were also not very fortunate last night like the Sox. The Celtics lost their first game 74-83 in round one of the NBA playoffs to the Atlanta Hawks. For much of the beginning, the Celtics didn’t look like themselves and trailed far behind the Hawks. They made a late push in the game, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to surpass the Hawks to take Game 1. Hawks’ Josh Smith scored 22 points and had 18 rebounds. In the first quarter, Garnett only had two points, but later was able to put up 20 points and 11 rebounds. The loss was bad, but the call made in the final minutes was and might possibly be more devastating on the Celtics. Rondo was upset about a foul call made by referee Marc Davis and bumped his chest into the back of him, immediately receiving an ejection call from Davis. Therefore, Rondo might be facing a suspension for Game 2. Certainly I may be biased for being a Celtics fan, but I don’t believe Rondo was purposely bumping into Davis. After looking at the video replay, Rondo tripped over the referee’s foot which probably set him off balanced and thus made a little push into the referee’s back. Last night Rondo had 20 points and 11 assists. He’s a young leader of the Celtics and was perhaps the best player out there last night at least in the first half of the game. Losing Rondo in the upcoming Game 2 would certainly be a huge blow to the Celtics.

“Obviously, I was upset about the call and I said some words to Marc,” Rondo told The Boston Herald. “I deserved the first tech, and as I was walking I thought he stopped, my momentum carried me into him — I even think I tripped on his foot — I didn’t intentionally chest-bump him. But that’s what it appears to be.”

The next Celtics game will be on Tuesday at 7.30pm on TNT on May 1.

The Red Sox play tonight at 7.10pm at Fenway Park. The game will once again be on NESN. The lineup still hasn’t been posted yet.

Riot Games adds Spectator Mode in new patch

In the next patch, as they stated months ago, Riot Games will finally implement the spectator mode they originally announced. You’ll be able to watch your friends play their games. Not only will you be able to watch your own friends, but you’ll also be able to watch “featured games” which will showcase some of the best League of Legends players. Two main features Riot Games added to the new spectator mode are timeshift controls as well as directed camera. The timeshift controls allow people to watch any part of the game in case they missed anything or joined in late to watch the game. It’ll let people be able to watch those key moments nobody ever wants to miss. In addition, the directed camera feature will allow people to watch the most engaging activity that is happening on the Fields of Justice. Therefore, it’ll focus on such actions like First Blood and team fights if they are occurring. The directed camera also lets people choose a specific player to focus their camera on. Check out the official post here.

Diablo III TV spot released several hours before TV debut

If you didn’t catch Diablo III on TV at 9pm or didn’t happen to find it online, here’s the TV spot.

The story behind the cancellation of the sequel to Star Wars: Battlefront

What happened to Star Wars: Battlefront III? Steve Ellis, the Co-founder to Free Radical Games explained why Battlefront III was canceled to GamesIndustry International here (normally I’d cut and paste the article, but it’s rather long). Also, Free Radical Games is now know as Crytek UK since 2009. They are best known for Second Sight and the TimeSplitters series.

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