Lili to release in the coming weeks for iOS

Lee Perry, the ex-Gears of War and Fortnite designer, founded his new studio, BitMonster Games. The first game that will release from the recently formed studio will be Lili, an adventure RPG hybrid. The new title will soon be available for iOS devices. In addition, the game will us Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3, after BitMonster Games signed a deal to use the engine for its upcoming releases. Perry assures the new studio will release games for PC as well. He stated: “‘Epic has been extremely supportive of our new studio and in helping us build the game of our dreams. We set out to create an adventure that is appropriate for nearly anyone. As a designer, it’s exciting to see that the Unreal Engine 3 tools are better than ever, and they provide everything we need to achieve a gratifying and imaginative experience'” (Eurogamer).

Fortnite will be the first game to run on Unreal Engine 4

At San Diego’s Comic-Con, Epic Games divulged the first game to debut on the Unreal Engine 4, Fortnite. Fortnite will join with the latest zombie survival titles out there. It will be a PC co-op survival game that will release in 2013. The game will provide a sandbox environment that will allow players to scavenge for food as well as construct a fort in order to protect themselves from zombies. Cliff Bleszinski of Epic Games tweeted, “Fortnite is PC primary and first, but we wouldn’t rule out the possibility of other platforms later.” Check out the website and the trailer some screenshots below.




Gears of War: Judgment slated for March 2013

The next title in the  Gears of War franchise will be releasing in March 2013. Epic Games released the information at San Diego’s Comic-Con. Below is new video detailing the new Overrun mode introduced into Judgment. The game’s story is additionally being written by Tom Bissell and Rob Auten, the authors of Extra Lives: Why Videogames Matter, while it’s being developed by both Epic Games and People Can Fly, the developers of Bulletstorm.

Horn could be the new Infinity Blade

Horn looks like it could rival Epic Games’ Infinity Blade. Infinity Blade is one of those games here it’s easy to put down and pick it right back up due to the short battles. Infinity Blade is the first game to release on iOS using the Unreal Engine 3 and in addition, it has become the most profitable Epic Games’ franchise “in terms of man years invested versus revenue only, not total profit” (Eurogamer), according to Mark Rein. However, Horn looks just as impressive compared to the fastest-grossing app in iOS history. The iOS Phosphor Games‘ new entry will have players explore a world where an entire village has transformed into monsters. In this third-person action-adventure game, you control a young blacksmith on a search for questions regarding the the unusual and unfortunate occurrence placed on his village. You’ll be able to leap over ledges and participate in one-on-one battles. The battle system is similar to Zelda in which while you are attacking, you can circle around your opponent and dodge attacks or counter-blows.



Gears of War: Judgment includes a new class-based game mode titled Overrun

One of the biggest news to date is the return of the 18.5 million copies sold Gears of War franchise. The new installment of the saga is titled Gears of War: Judgment and takes people back to before the first game (fourteen years to be exact) where Damon Baird is the Lieutenant of Kilo Squad. Along with Private Augustus Cole, Sofia Hendrik, and Garron Paduk, Lt. Baird and his Kilo Squad are all accused on treason shortly after a battle in Halvo Bay by Ezra Loomis. Judgment really opens up a new world to the Gears of War franchise fans by exploring more of Baird’s history and where he comes from.

Additionally for the upcoming title, the developer has introduced something entirely new to the Gears of War franchise, a class-based game mode. Overrun, the new multiplayer experience highlighted in Judgment will focus on COGS players protecting a generator, while those who play Locusts will attempt to destroy that generator. The game focuses on five-versus-five setup that allows gamers to choose the particular class they wish to be during the game. COGS have four classes: The Engineer, The Scout, The Medic, and The Soldier. The Locusts on the otherhand have a whopping eight playable types to choose from: Corpser, Ticker, Kantus, Grenadier, Serapede, Wretch, Bloodmount, and Mauler. The classes are pretty self-explanatory and are similar to those of the usual class-based multiplayer games. The Engineer of course can deploy auto-sentry guns and create fortifications, while the Medic can heal and revive fallen allies. The Soldier is able to resupply his team with ammo. Additionally, the Soldier can use Boomshot. Then the Scout is like sniper who can easily take out enemy Locusts from a distance and throw down grenades that pulse to signify if any opponents are within the grenade’s range.

The Locusts probably don’t require much explanation as probably most people are familiar with them; however to name a few, Tickers can quickly get to there destination due to their fast run speed, Corpsers can burrow, and Maulers, well, they have a huge shield and a flailing mace that you just don’t want to be in front of. Check out the video below of more information on Gears of War: Judgment’s multiplayer aspect in Overrun.

Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4 trailer and development trailer

Ever wanted to know more about Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4? Well take a look below at the development trailer and check out the Unreal Engine 4’s trailer as well that was showcased at E3.

Gears of War: Judgment E3 trailer

Set 14 years before the first game, Epic Games and People May Fly present the Gears of War: Judgment E3 debut trailer. The game is scheduled to release in 2013 and of course appear for Xbox 360.

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