SWTOR goes free-to-play in November

Bioware and Electronics Arts announced yesterday, they’ll be bring Star Wars: The Old Republic into a free-to-play model come this November. The MMORPG that was released last winter has currently slipped below one million subscribers. Although the model is free-to-play, the developers are incorporating a currency system called Cartel Coins that will enable users to access new content and advanced player features such as valuable items. However those who don’t wish to be limited in their gameplay will be able to do what they are doing now, paying a recurring auto-payment each month or using a game time card. When transitioning to the new model, players who are currently subscribed and those who have canceled their subscription will receive a payment of Cartel Coins based on their game time, that is how long they have played up to the new launch. In addition, you will receive several rewards if you have been sticking to SWTOR before the news of the free-to-play model. Check out the details between the free-to-play model that will be incorporated in November, compared to the model now and which will still continue.

Steam Summer Sale Day 5

Here’s your daily deals for Day 5! You still have less than twelve hours to purchase Day 4 daily deals as well.

The flash sales at the moment now are:

The community poll at the moment is amongst Mirror’s Edge (75% off), Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light (75% off), and Beyond Good and Evil (75% off). The voting ends in less than four hours and you have a chance to pick up Red Faction Guerilla at $4.99 (75% off) before the community sale ends in less than five hours.

Steam Summer Sale Day 3

Here’s your daily deals for Day 3! You still have less than twelve hours to purchase Day 2 daily deals as well.

The flash sales at the moment now are:

The community poll at the moment is in between Left 4 Dead 2 (75% off), Portal 2 (75% off), and Half-Life 2 (75% off). The voting ends in less than five hours and you have less than six hours to pick up Plants vs. Zombies at 75% off.

Star Wars: The Old Republic free-to-play until level 15 now

Bioware has recently launched their new Allies update into Star Wars: The Old Republic. The new patch also allows new players to continuing playing up the level 15. In addition, it also added a group finder, legacy perks, and adaptive gear. Bioware has talked about making The Old Republic free-to-play, but there is no official statement that it will be at the moment; however allowing players to play their characters up to level 15 is heading a bit in that direction. Starting yesterday, you can log on and play The Old Republic for free regardless of your character’s level. The promotion ends on Tuesday, July 17th in which players will only be able to play of free until level 15 until you decide to pay the monthly fee or wait for another promotion.

Steam Summer Sale will bring Indie Bundles each day

Everyone’s practically awaiting the Steam Summer Sale. I know I am. I have a bunch of games I’d like to try out, but not pay $30 something for them. During the Steam Summer Sale, there will be plenty of bundles on sale, especially indie bundles. There will be an Indie bundle each day of the two week sale. Of course, there will also be publisher packs on sale as well as franchise packs. Take a look below at the Indie game bundles and the confirmed packs. Indie Bundle Day 4 looks like a great one, despite I already have S:S&S EP. A lot of the indie bundles I already have one or two games out of each which I’m sure most people do as well if you constantly buy the plethora of indie game bundles out there. The rumor is the Steam Summer sale will begin on July 12th.

Indie bundles:

  • Indie Bundle Day 1 – The Baconing, Edge, Anomaly Warzone Earth, Cave Story+, Lone Survivor ($39.99 placeholder)
  • Indie Bundle Day 2 – Universe Sandbox, E.Y.E, Oil Rush, Botanicula, Splice ($39.99 placeholder)
  • Indie Bundle Day 3 – Braid, Bit.Trip Beat, Runespell: Overture, Bunch of Heroes, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet ($39.99 placeholder)
  • Indie Bundle Day 4 – Atom Zombie Smasher, Sanctum, Blocks That Matter, Sword and Sworcery (includes soundtrack), A Valley Without Wind ($39.99 placeholder)
  • Indie Bundle Day 5 – Audiosurf, Greed Corp., Gemini Rue, The Tiny Bang Story, Ys: The Oath in Felghana ($39.99 placeholder)
  • Indie Bundle Day 6 – Defcon, AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome, SpaceChem, Trauma, Ticket to Ride ($39.99 placeholder)
  • Indie Bundle Day 7 – Zombie Driver, Dungeons of Dredmor, Vessel, Avadon: The Black Fortress, Qube ($39.99 placeholder)
  • Indie Bundle Day 8 – Wings of Prey, Hoard, Swords and Soldiers, Demolition Inc., Sol Exodus ($39.99 placeholder)
  • Indie Bundle Day 9 – Zeno Clash, VVVVVV, Revenge of the Titans, Jamestown, Capsized ($39.99 placeholder)
  • Indie Bundle Day 10 – Machinarium, Eufloria, Beat Hazard, Bit.Trip Runner, All Zombies Must Die ($39.99 placeholder)
  • Indie Bundle Day 11 – World of Goo, Star Ruler, Hydrophobia, Orion: Dino Beatdown, Waveform ($39.99 placeholder)

General discounts:

  • 1C Collection – Cryostasis, Men of War series, NecroVisioN, Kings Bounty series, Theatre of War series, Rig ‘n’ Roll, Space Rangers 2 Reboot ($39.99)
  • 2K Pack 2 Bioshock 2, Darkness 2: Limited Edition, Duke Nukem Forever, Mafia 2, SpecOps: The Line (no price yet)
  • Batman / Gotham City Imposters Bundle – Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City & DLC, Gotham City Imposters ($99.99 placeholder)
  • Bethesda Collection – Brink & DLC, Hunted: The Demon’s Forge, Fallout: New Vegas & DLC, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim ($99.99 placeholder)
  • BioShock Franchise Pack – BioShock, BioShock 2 ($99.99 placeholder)
  • Bit Trip Beat Pack – Bit.Trip Beat plus soundtrack ($9.99)
  • Bit Trip Runner Pack – Bit.Trip Runner plus soundtrack ($9.99)
  • Blendo Games Pack – Airforte, Atom Zombie Smasher, Flotilla (no price yet)
  • Carpe Fulgur Bundle – Chantelise, Recettear, Fortune Summoners ($99.99 placeholder)
  • Civilization Collection – Civilization 3 Complete, Civilization 4 Complete, Civilization 5 plus DLC (not Gods & Kings) ($99.99 placeholder)
  • Command & Conquer Franchise Pack – Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, Command & Conquer 3: Kane’s Wrath, Command & Conquer Red Alert 3, Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Uprising, Command & Conquer 4 ($99.99 placeholder)
  • Cyan Complete Pack 2012 – Real Myst, Myst Masterpiece Edition, Myst 5, Riven, Uru, Spelunx, Manhole, Cosmic Osmo ($99.99 placeholder)
  • Cyanide Studios Compilation – A Game of Thrones, Blood Bowl: Dark Elves Edition, Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition, Loki, Pro Cycling Manager 2008, Pro Cycling Manager 2012 (no price yet)
  • Dawn of War Franchise Pack – Dawn of War 1 series and Dawn of War 2 series plus DLC ($39.99)
  • Deep Silver Compilation – Dead Island & DLC, Emergency 2012, Iron Front, Jane’s Advanced Strike Fighters, Lost Horizon, Nail’d, Risen, Risen 2, Rush for Berlin, Sacred 2, Secret Files, Secret Files 2, The Dark Eye, The Whispered World (no price yet)
  • Duke Nukem Bundle – Duke Nukem Forever plus DLC ($99.99 placeholder)
  • Europa Universalis 3 Chronicles – Europa Universalis 3 Complete, EU3 Divine Wind, EU3 Heir to the Throne (no price yet)
  • Foreign Legion Bundle – Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood, Foreign Legion: Multi Massacre ($59.99 placeholder)
  • Gratuitous Battle Pack – Gratuitous Space Battles, Gratuitous Tank Battles ($39.99 placeholder)
  • GTA IV Complete Pack – Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City ($99.99 placeholder)
  • Indie Fright Pack – Burn Zombie Burn, The Path, The Scourge Project, The Void, Zombie Driver ($99.99 placeholder)
  • Kalypso Collection – Tropico 3, Tropico 4, Dungeons, Dungeons: The Dark Lord, Jagged Alliance: Back in Action, SkyDrift, Airline Tycoon 2, Port Royale 3, Bang Bang Racing ($99.99 placeholder)
  • Killing Floor Bundle – Killing Floor, Outbreak Character Pack, Nightfall Character Pack, Post Mortem Character Pack, London’s Finest Character Pack, Defence Alliance 2, Steampunk Mr. Froster DLC,Christmas Character Pack, Urban Nightmare Character Pack, Harold Lott Character Pack ($19.99)
  • Majesty Franchise Bundle – Majesty Gold, Majesty HD, Majesty 2, Defenders of Ardania & DLC, Warlock: Master of the Arcane & DLC ($99.99 placeholder)
  • Nordic Games Compilation – Agatha Christie games, Aquanox, Aquanox 2, Gothic, Gothic 2, Gothic 3, Gothic 4 Arcania & expansion, Aura, Aura 2, Chaser, Europa 1400, Painkiller games, Safecracker, Safecracker 2, Spellforce Platinum, Spellforce 2 Gold, The Guild 2, Guild 2 Renaissance, Guild 2 Pirates of the European Seas (no price yet)
  • Paradox Collection – Crusader Kings 2, Defenders of Ardania, Europa Universalis 3 Complete plus Divine Wind, Gettysburg: Armored Warfare, Magicka Collection, Mount & Blade Series, Naval War Arctic Circle, Sword of the Stars 2, Warlock – Masters of the Arcane ($99.99 placeholder)
  • Pendulo Adventure Pack – Runaway: A Road Adventure, Runaway: The Dream of the Turtle, Runaway: A Twist of Fate, The Next BIG Thing, Yesterday ($29.99)
  • Perfect World Collection – Forsaken World, Rusty Hearts, Blacklight Retribution & Starter Pack (no price yet)
  • Railworks 3 – Summer Sale Collection – Railworks 3 plus 27 DLCs ($39.99)
  • Red Orchestra Franchise Pack – Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45, Mare Nostrum, Darkest Hour, Red Orchestra 2 plus Digital Deluxe DLC ($39.99)
  • Square Hit Collection – Deus Ex, Deus Ex: Invisible War, Deus Ex: Human Revolution Augmented Edition plus DLC, Hitman, Hitman 2, Hitman Blood Money, Just Cause 2 plus DLC, Lara Croft & the Guardian of Light plus DLC, Quantum Conundrum & soundtrack, Thief Gold, Thief II, Thief Deadly Shadows, Tomb Raider Legend, Tomb Raider Anniversary, Tomb Raider Underworld ($99.99 placeholder)
  • Sniper Elite Franchise Pack – Sniper Elite, Sniper Elite V2 & Pre-order rifles ($99.99 placeholder)
  • Space Marine Pack – Space Marine plus all DLC ($39.99)
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Bundle – S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky, S.T.A.L.K.E.R Call of Pripyat ($39.99 placeholder)
  • Stardock Collection – Demigod, Galactic Civilizations 2 Ultimate Edition, Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion ($39.99)
  • Strategy First Complete Pack – Dangerous Waters, Space Empires 4 Deluxe, Disciples 2, Iron Warriors, Space Empires 5, 688I Hunter-Killer, Fleet Command, Sub Command, Birth of America, Flatout, Flatout 2, Flatout Ultimate Carnage, Flatout 3, Ghost Master, Vegas: Make it Big, Making History, Making History 2, Ducati World Championship, Culpa Innata, Sacred Gold, Darkstar One, Jack Keane, Jagged Alliance 2 Gold, Exodus From the Earth, Perimeter 2, Ankh: Heart of Osiris, Ankh: Battle of the Gods, BC Kings, Port Royale 2, 9th Company – Roots of Terror, Puzzle Kingdoms, Patrician III, The Great Art Race, Bad Rats, Razor 2, Chocolatier: Decadence by Design, Cooking Dash, Diaper Dash, Diner Dash, Dream Chronicles, Emerald City Confidential, Wandering Willows, Wedding Dash 2, Zenerchi, DinerTown Tycoon, DinerTown Detective Agency, Nightshift Code, Nightshift Legacy, Fitness Dash, Parking Dash, Mahjong Roadshow, Trijinx, Valerie Porter, Gemini Lost, Ironclads Collection, Dimensity, Hazen, World Basketball Manager 2010, Dark Fall: Lost Souls, Zombie Pirates, Hotel Dash, Deep Black, Fireburst ($99.99 placeholder)
  • Sword of the Stars Franchise Bundle – Sword of the Stars Complete, Sword of the Stars 2: Lords of Winter, Immersion Pack DLCs ($99.99 placeholder)
  • Tale of Tales Complete Pack – The Graveyard, The Path, Fatale (no price yet)
  • THQ Collection – S.T.A.L.K.E.R, Darksiders, Dawn of War 2 series, Space Marine, Nexuiz, Homefront, Saints Row: The Third, Metro 2033, Company of Heroes Series, Titan Quest ($99.99 placeholder)
  • Victoria Franchise Bundle – Victoria, Victoria 2 & DLC, Victoria 2: A House Divided expansion pack ($99 placeholder)


  • 2K Games & Rockstar “Public Released” Pack (may not be a pack but recently updated) – no price yet – Bioshock, Bioshock 2, Borderlands & DLC, Bully, Civilization IV Complete, Civilization V & DLC, Civ V Gods and Kings, CivCity: Rome, Darkness II, Duke Nukem Forever & DLC, Freedom Force Pack, Grand Theft Auto series, LA Noire, Mafia II & DLC, Max Payne 1 and 2 (not 3 though), Manhunt, Midnight Club 2, MLB series, NBA series, Railroad Tycoon 2, Railroad Tycoon 3, Shattered Union, Sid Meier’s Pirates!, Sid Meier’s Railroads!, SpecOps: The Line, Stronghold Pack, X-ComCollection
  • Activision Pack (may not be a pack but recently updated) – no price yet – Everything, including MW3
  • SEGA “Public Compilation” Pack (recently updated but may not be a pack in the sale) – no price yet – MegaDrive / Genesis Classics Collection, Aliens vs Predator, Alpha Protocol, Dreamcast Collection, Football Manager series, London 2012, Total War series, Sega Rally, The Club, The Incredible Hulk, The Golden Compass, Universe at War, Vancouver 2010, Virtua Tennis 2009
  • Ubisoft Public (probably not a pack, but updated in the last couple of days so who knows) – no price yet – Everything on Steam (6 pages of it, too much to list)

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic collection on the horizon

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and its sequel, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: Sith Lords will be combined into a twofer PC-only pack. The reported Star Wars bundle will be available on July 17th and is available from Amazon and GameStop.

SWTOR will update with Allies 1.3 tomorrow

Star Wars: The Old Republic is releasing the Allies 1.3 update ahead of schedule. The game will be taken offline for four hours, possibly more as we all know maintenance with a new patch usually overshoots the time minimum for most companies. The servers will go offline from 2AM CDT (12AM PDT/3AM EDT/8 AM BST/9AM CEST/5PM AEST) until 6AM CDT (4AM PDT/7AM EDT/12PM BST/1PM CEST/9PM AEST). Bioware will be introducing the Group Finder tool, Legacy Perks, and Adaptive Gear along with Ranked Warzones. Check out all the information here and check out the trailer for the new update below.

Game weekend deals on Steam, Amazon, Gamersgate, and more

Weekend Game Deals – Summer is here! *article taken from PC Gamer because it would just be silly to rewrite what’s already been conveniently laid out heh*

at 01:47am June 23 2012

Gather ’round, discount hounds: I’ve tales of summer sales for ye. Steam has augmented Deus Ex prices by 75%, Amazon has kicked 75% off Super Street Fighter IV: AE, GamersGate’s Total War sale has come back for the wounded soldiers who missed last week’s Steam sale, and GOG has initiated 17 days of head-to-head dealmatches. See all of this week’s sales inside! (I promise to use fewer awful analogies.)


As you know, Deus Ex games are all 75% off this weekend. There are a few smaller discounts as well, but that’s the big one for this weekend. Oh, except 80% off Bejeweled 3, if you want a game with an exceptional number of ‘e’s in the title.


[US Only] Much remains the same at Amazon, though it’s now selling Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition at 75% off, and both Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 for $5 each.


Origin is holding a “pre-order one, get one half off” sale. Origin’s deals page lists the pre-orders available and their resulting discounts. Some of them are silly, like 50% off SimCity 4, which is constantly discounted everywhere else. Pre-ordering Dead Space 3 can get you 50% off Mass Effect 3 or Battlefield 3, which isn’t bad…but you have to pre-order Dead Space 3. I prefer to avoid potential early adopter remorse.


GamersGate is selling Total War stuff at 75% off or more, including the complete collection for $24.90.



GameStop only has a few new sales, most notably Aliens vs. Predator, Saints Row: The Third, and L.A. Noire. GamersGate beats its Shogun 2 sale, and the rest are carried over from last week.



I can’t list GOG’s sales at the moment, because it’s time for… BATTLE OF THE GAMES! Every day two games will be discounted — one at 40% off and one at 60% off — with the bigger discount going to the game with the most votes recorded the previous day. Go get your interactive marketing on, just be sure to vote for the games I want. (Please deactivate your neural firewall for a moment so I can upload my preferences.)


GameFly is rather barren this week — the only deal I spotted was the 50% off Payday: The Heist sale that’s being offered everywhere.

Let us know in the comments if you find any deals we missed!

Star Wars: The Old Republic could go with the free-to-play model

Star Wars: The Old Republic might just be heading into the free-to-play model. SWTOR’s lead designer Emmanuel Lusinchi has discussed the possibility due to the obvious subscriptions drop as well as the recent layoffs that hit the Austin studio last month. Many gamers really don’t care behind the curtains, instead they focus on what their money should be paying for as well as feel privileged to features found in other MMOs. The hardest part is balancing the quality within the competition as well as introducing brand new updates, quests, and features.

According to Emmanuel Lusinchi, “The MMO market is very dynamic and we need to be dynamic as well. Unless people are happy with what they have, they are constantly demanding updates, new modes and situations. So we are looking at free-to-play but I can’t tell you in much detail. We have to be flexible and adapt to what is going on. The players don’t really care about all that, behind closed curtains, but they want what they’re paying for which is a service with new content, new systems, that’s what they’re asking for and we listen to them. That’s what we mean to deliver.”

Update 1.3 isn’t anything special, but Bioware has already incorporated server transfers and soon the looking for group tool will be improved, adaptive gear and class balance changes will additionally be integrated into the MMO.

However check out the trailer below that was featured at E3. The new trailer showcases an increased level cap and a new planet and species that will all be revealed by the end of the year.

Bioware to release SWTOR free trial edition and loads of new updates this year

Bioware’s The Old Republic will be receiving a free trial edition this July which will allow players to play characters up to level 15. In addition, there will be loads of new extras such as the level cap rising and new combat abilities. There will also be a species people can play, ranked PvP, a better group finder, and a new companion combat droid HK-51. There will also be a nightmare hardcore difficulty mode installed too. Not only all that, but also there will be new quests surrounding the new planet, Makeb, which features the Hutt cartel as well as a new Warzone called Ancient Hyperspace, a new Operation titled Terror from Beyond, and a new Space Mission called Space Station Assault too.

Right now SWTOR‘s Game Update 1.3: Allies is live on its Public Test Servers. It integrates two new titles, players can get through the group finder system.

  • Strike Team Specialist – In order to get this title, a player will need to complete four pieces of content (meaning Flashpoints, Hard Mode Flashpoints Tier 1/Tier 2 or Story Mode Operations) using the Group Finder tool in its default search setting on a single day OR eight pieces of content (using the Group Finder’s default setting) within seven days.
  • Strike Team Commander – In order to get this title, a player will need to complete four pieces of content in a single day AND eight pieces of content within seven days. Again, using the Group Finder tool’s default search setting.

New Star Wars franchise announcement will be unveiled next week

Star Wars fans dressed as storm troopers invade the 2007 Rose Parade. George Lucas’ movies, including ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ (below) have helped spawn a ‘May the Fourth Be With You’ Day.

Next week Lucasarts will unveil a brand new Star Wars game franchise to get excited about. The official announcement will occur on Spike TV’s GTTV show next Thursday and will provide details on this currently in-development work, which we still have no idea which platform(s) it will be released on.

Geoff Keighley, host to Spike’s GTTV show, stated, “I am blown away by both the caliber of the team on this project and their bold vision for this new ‘Star Wars’ title. I can’t wait to introduce our viewers to this game and show off the footage that left my jaw on the floor when I first saw it” (Eurogamer).

Most recently for Star Wars and video games, Bioware’s Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO has been huge highlight for the Star Wars name as well as the Kinect Star Wars for the Xbox 360 which came out earlier this year. However, The Old Republic has been falling in its subscribers, especially considering all the recent MMOs scheduled to come out or MMOs that received or will receive notable updates: Tera, Planetside 2, Guild Wars 2, Elder Scrolls Online, and Tribes: Ascend to name some.

SWTOR “Allies” 1.3 patch introduces new features such as group finder and adaptive gear

Bioware’s Star Wars: The Old Republic is receiving a new update after letting the game be free-to-play last weekend. The pending update is called “Allies” and focuses a lot on being able to group up easier for quests as well as playing with your friends. Check out the details below. There is also a trailer available for the new patch which I will upload onto this post as soon as I can find a usable embed link; however you may click the game update link below and view it from SWTOR‘s official website.

Game Update 1.3: Allies

Release Date: Coming Soon

Game Update 1.3: Allies, brings a number of exciting new features to Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ including a Group Finder tool and Legacy Perks! This Game Update will also include an update to the Alderaan Warzone, Adaptive Gear, and more.

See what is coming up in The Old Republic™!

See the new features in Game Update 1.3: Allies!

Game System: Group Finder

Game Update 1.3 brings a Group Finder tool that will help you quickly form groups to take on the many Flashpoints and Operations in The Old Republic™. You will be able to select your preferred role within a group, as well as the type of content that you and your friends want to tackle. whether it’s Flashpoints, Warzones, Operations, or Planetary Heroic Missions.

Game System: Legacy Perks

Allies expands on the Legacy System by adding new bonuses which will allow you to travel the galaxy and customize your gaming experience. This includes Advancement Perks that grant you experience bonuses for taking part in Warzones, Flashpoints, or Space Missions. Some Legacy Perks will even grant you extra experience for continuing a character’s story!

Other Legacy Perks that you can unlock include a spawnable item repair droid, the ability to pilot speeders at level 10, and a number of bonuses for your Companion which increase their affection, improve their item crafting abilities, and decrease the time Companions spend selling items to vendors.

Game System: Adaptive Gear

Game Update 1.3 will allow you to coordinate with your allies and dress up as a band of Sand People or a squad of Republic pilots to tackle any of the exciting missions in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Essentially, any social gear in the game can now be adapted to match your character’s combat gear, fusing it with the corresponding armor bonuses and adding slots for your best armor modifications.

Game System: Augment Unlocks

For players interested in keeping their gear optimized, Allies offers the ability to craft and sell kits that unlock an augmentation modification slot, previously only obtainable when achieving “critical” success while crafting. Players can now add an augmentation slot to any piece of equippable gear, making it easier to dress.

SWTOR free-to-play this upcoming weekend 5/17-5/21

Bioware has made their MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic, once again free-to-play this weekend in a four day trial available starting May 17th to May 21st. Wield the power of the Force, lightsabers, and blasters.

  • No credit card is required to take part in the Weekend Pass Free Trial.
  • You can play for up to four full days free.
  • Characters you create during the trial will be saved to your account, so allowing you to continue on your journeys once you’ve purchased the game and redeemed the Game Product Registration Code at the Code Redemption Center.
  • You’ll be able to experience the first fifteen (15) levels of the game, allowing you to explore the Origin Worlds for each character class, as well as possibly seeing your faction’s Capital World.
  • You will also be able to join other players take part in Player-vs-Player Warzones, or group with friends to take on one of the numerous Flashpoints in the game.

République reached goal with less than 48 hours, countdown livestream at 3-6pm EST

République, the AAA game originally for iOS  but now received special PC and Mac editions, will be officially funded at 6.oopm EST today. As the time wore down, the team still needed at least $75,000 more to go with just less than 48 hours. It seemed many times that the game would not get funded, but thanks with some great advertising by the community, the Camouflaj team, and other video game news reporting, the Camouflaj team will be developing an amazing game that is backed by more than ten thousand people.

There have been plenty of new updates from the team, one of which they have decided to create a special edition just for PC and Mac. That idea undoubtedly brought more people to back the Kickstarter project. Other news includes introducing two well-known voice actors David Hayter, the voice of Solid Snake and Naked Snake in Metal Gear as well as the voice of the male Jedi knight class in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Jennifer Hale, the female voice to many characters which included but are not limited to Bastila Shan from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Dr. Naomi Hunter in Metal Gear Solid, Dynaheir, Liia J, Serving Wench in Baldur’s Gate, and most recently being released next week, Leah from Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo III.

Also Camouflaj has updated their tier rewards to include this brand new one:

Pledge $40 or more

439 Backers

DIGITAL COMBO EDITION+ : République for both iOS and PC/Mac, digital soundtrack and documentary series.

Estimated Delivery: Sep 2013
Congratulations to the Camouflaj team for making their Kickstarter goal. If you would like to donate to or even just take a look at this awesome project, you may do so here. They will also be having a livestream countdown starting at 3pm EST till the ending time of 6pm. LINK: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/republique
For Keeping Hope Alive!

Bioware trying their best to keep SWTOR players logging in

As usual the main talks of Bioware’s Star Wars: The Old Republic has been whether or not it has enough content to keep players logging in and coming back. Not only that, but also if the game has sufficient replay value as well. Their update of the Rakghoul plague event drummed up business and surprised players, but will they be able to keep up events that hook their subscribers?

Daniel Erickson of Bioware stated that as a fully-voiced MMO they have development teams creating scenarios and events far in advanced. If they need something or change course for a particular update, then they’ll prioritize their tasks. As such the developer has focused on convenience features like a group finder as well as Legacy update’s Guild Bank system. They are even trying to implement a new idea into their guild system.

“In our own guilds, the PC Gamer Mint Imperials and PCG Revel Alliance, the cap on membership has made overflow guilds a necessity. Mint Imperials member Bocephus suggested that in the future it might be possible to add a players legacy – all of their characters from a given faction – to a guild, occupying a single slot. Erickson was taken with the idea. ‘We’d actually never thought of this’ he says, ‘but it’s now on the list!'” (PC Gamer)

Ideas like this will keep the game looking and feeling neat, but hopefully despite the Rakghoul plague event ending tomorrow, Bioware can keep players logging in now and in the future and more importantly during their peak hours with excellent replayable and new content. Erickson details his opinion on the recent Rakghoul plague event and what it brought to Star Wars: “’Events are, by their very nature, transient things that build a sense of history within the game’ Erickson explains. ‘Later you’ll pull out your red rakling pet and say, ‘remember when the rakghoul plague hit'” (PC Gamer).

Upcoming fall releases

I like this article by Matt Bertz, quick and concise and I don’t have to figure out all the releases myself.

Fall Release Schedule Coming Into Shape – By Matt Bertz

UPDATE: Halo 4 has now claimed its spot in the packed release window.

Check out this murderers’ row of highly anticipated games scheduled to ship in the second half of the year.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your saving. If you want to play the biggest games of the year, your wallet warning level will be at Defcon 1 come the autumn months. Here are the confirmed dates we have so far:

Sleeping Dogs – August 17
Dark Souls (PC) – August 24
Madden NFL 13 – August 28
Far Cry 3 – September 4
Borderlands 2 – September 18
Resident Evil 6 – October 2
BioShock Infinite – October 16
Medal of Honor: Warfighter – October 23
Assassin’s Creed III – October 30
Halo 4 – November 6

Add the annual big seller NBA 2K13 to that mix, and you have quite a lineup of titles scheduled to drop before the yearly Call of Duty sales explosion in November. Several other games scheduled to release in 2012 are still waiting for release dates, like Skylanders Giants, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Tomb Raider, Dishonored, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, and Brothers in Arms: Furious 4. If they want to stay clear of the Call of Duty blast radius, we wouldn’t be surprised to see many of these titles shoehorned into September and October as well. Add the rumors of Grand Theft Auto V possibly shipping this year, and It’s shaping up to be an exciting lineup.

Which games are you planning to splurge for first?”

SWTOR releases new updates, receive your little Tauntaun

If you happen to play Bioware’s Star Wars: The Old Republic, you’re in for a treat if you have dedicated a huge chunk of your time to it. If you have created a level 50 player, you’ll soon be receiving a free 30 days of game time for your loyalty to the MMO. In addition, you’ll receive a cute Tauntaun pet. When I first played SWTOR, I actually really enjoyed it; it made me really want to learn more about the story line, something of which I could really care less about in World of Warcraft. However, as someone who has dedicated three years into WoW, I find it difficult to immerse myself into another MMO. It’s a lot of time out of your pocket and I thoroughly have more enjoyment trekking through my single player/co-op games (Assassin’s Creed, The Witcher, Borderlands, Indie games, etc). I’m one of those players who you’ll get me through great graphics, interesting gameplay, and for the most part (when I feel like not mindlessly killing crap) an intriguing storyline. WoW and any MMO is great for about a month or so, then it becomes this grueling task of grinding. There is no doubt that I’ll still continue exploring MMOs, but besides the social aspect (which I have certainly met my fair share of assholes and then on the other hand, I have connected with some wonderful people), there is not much any MMO could offer that I couldn’t have from an amazingly developed single player game. Of course, with that being said, I’m still going to check out the updates with the free 7 days of game time for inactive subscribers Bioware has offered from April 13th to April 20th. Besides it’s Star Wars, who doesn’t love clashing lightsabers and destruction through the force?

As divulged from Game Informer, the SWTOR patch update will include new high-level content detailed below:

Flashpoint: Lost Island continues the story of Flashpoint: Kaon Under Siege from Game Update 1.1 – Rise of the Rakghouls. Players must survive a menacing island of mystery on Ord Mantell as they hunt for clues to the Rakghoul virus outbreak that ravaged the Tion Hegemony. But the answers to this riddle may prove fatal! This flashpoint is for groups of four Imperial or Republic  players with characters at level 50.

Operation: Explosive Conflict sends players to a new zone on the planet of Denova, where traitors and mercenaries are selling the rare explosive mineral baradium to the highest bidder. Players will battle through hordes of droids, mercenaries and deadly creatures all fighting for control of the planet and its valuable resources. This Operation is for groups of eight or sixteen Imperial or Republic players with characters at level 50.

Warzone:  Novare Coast pits two teams in an epic battle to control multiple mortar locations and use them to bombard vulnerable enemy bases. Like the Huttball Warzone, Novare Coast can be played Republic vs. Empire or with players of the same faction fighting each other in a thrilling contest of wills to determine each side’s greatest champions. Like all Warzones, Novare Coast is available for characters over level 10.

For those of you who stopped playing The Old Republic, is this enough to entice you to fire up your hyperdrive and return? If not, maybe these rewards will:

  • All subscribers with active game accounts on April 12, 2012 or April 21, 2012 will be rewarded with an in-game Legacy Reward: the Tauntaun Ram Pet via in-game mail
  • New players who subscribe to The Old Republic before April 21, 2012 will also receive the Legacy Tauntaun Ram Pet
  • All active subscribers who have achieved a level 50 character by April 12, 2012 will receive 30 days of game time at no charge as a reward for their loyalty to the game
  • Former subscribers with inactive accounts are invited back to play Game Update 1.2 for up to seven days at no charge starting April 13, 2012

Dragon Age 3 should address details that weren’t in the sequel to Dragon Age

Electronic Arts has really been under the spotlight lately. With the allegations from fundamentalist groups concerning the gay content in Mass Effect 3 and Star Wars: The Old Republic and being named the worst company of the year even beating out Bank of America, EA is certainly being scrutinized about each move they make. EA has now put out they will be creating the third installment (well actually there’s no official announcement yet, but there’s bound to be with all these hypothetical ideas – wouldn’t you think so) to the rather successful series Dragon Age. I actually bought myself the original and sequel for $9.99 from Amazon’s PC download sale, which I’ll eventually tackle sometime before the third installment releases. At a PAX East panel, the audience addressed some core issues they hope the Bioware developers will seriously consider in the new game such as “stop reusing dungeons, have choices that actually matter, and allow companions to have customizable armor” (G4TV). Check out the panel video below from last weekend for more expansive details.

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