Steam’s summer sale is finally here

Today the Steam summer sale everybody has been eagerly awaiting for has finally hit. There are the usual daily deals and now there are flash sales and a poll to choose an upcoming sale.

For each day I will try to update about each daily deal and flash sales.

There are nine daily deals and today’s are:

The flash sales are:

You can also cast your vote among three top hits and the one that receives the most votes will be the next deal in eight hours. The choices right now are: The Witcher 2 (60% off), Saint’s Row: The Third (75% off), and Batman: Arkham City (66% off). Of course, there are your publishers’ packs on sale. Check out the entire Steam catalog and be sure to check back each day for new deals. Happy bargain shopping.

Steam’s Ubisoft sale daily deal 5/18/12

Steam’s Ubisoft daily deal is 50% off From Dust, Rayman Origins, and Shoot Many Robots. You may also save 33% off on Ubisoft’s entire catalog!

From Dust – $7.49

Rayman Origins – $14.99

Shoot Many Robots – $4.99

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