Steam’s midweek madness 5/15-5/17 highlights Plants vs. Zombies and Dear Esther

Steam’s midweek madness deals are pretty awesome. This week Steam is highlighting Plants vs. Zombies and Dear Esther. Dear Esther receives a special sale due to its launch to Mac now. Now on Steam for the 50% off price of $4.99, you will receive thechineseroom’s Dear Esther for both PC and Mac. The game is a stunning visual exploration in the first person adventure genre. The PopCap game, Plants vs. Zombies, has launched to as many possible consoles and handhelds available and continues to be one of the best tower defense games there is on the market. It has received numerous rewards including “Casual Game of the Year” and “Outstanding Achievement in Game Design” Interactive Achievement Awards from the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences as well as “Best Game Design”, “Innovation”, and “Best Download Game” for the Game Developers Choice Awards. It even made its way into a quest line in Blizzard’s World of Warcraft! If you don’t already have this game, pick it up now before the midweek madness sales end Thursday, May 17th at 7.00pm EST. There’s no reason to not pick up the Game of the Year Edition of this cult classic at cheap $2.49 price.


Pokémon lovers can get free Pokémon

Pokémon fans may rejoice, come May 9th everyone will be able to retrieve Darkrai. The Mythical-Dark Pokémon will receive a new ability on the launch event and players should be excited about this Pokémon that can attack its opponents with nightmares. If you have a Nintendo handheld and either Game Freak’s Pokémon Black or White, you’ll be able to download this wonderful Pokémon through Nintendo’s Wi-Fi in a couple weeks time.

Super Meat Boy: The Game coming to iOS

Super Meat Boy: The Game for iOS is real by Jonathan Holmes (Destructoid)

[Update: Some of you asked if Super Meat Boy: The Game will be an iOS exclusive. Official comment from Team Meat- “anything is possible.. but yeah its not exclusive at all“]

Here is some old news that been newly confirmed. What took so long for the confirmation? Between the chaos of Dtoid’s dating site taking over the world, sifting through all the April Fool’s jokes that went live that day, and interviewing Mutant Mudds developer Jools Watsham for Sup Holmes?, this one just got lost in the shuffle. That’s not an excuse, just an explanation.

You can thank Lisanne Pajot and James Swirski (directors of Indie Game: The Movie) for reminding us that Super Meat Boy is coming to iOS is a newly imagined form. They re-announced the game at a recent screening of their film (expect an interview with the directors on Dtoid next week) and Meat Boy creator Edmund McMillen has gone on to restate that the news is legit. According to Edmund, Super Meat Boy on iOS “…will be a 100% new game that wont totally play like SMB, but will embody what SMB was at its core. New art, new music, new engine, and whole new look as well as a new take on the SMB story“. He’s calling it Super Meat Boy: The Game. It even has its own font!

Given Team Meat‘s past statements regarding the iOS marketplace, it was easy to think this was all a joke. I’m guessing that Super Meat Boy: The Game will end up being a hybrid between self-satire and an earnest effort to combine the strengths of Meat Boy concept and the iOS platform. Sounds good to me! We’ll be keeping a close eye on for further news on the game’s development.

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