Steam discounts S: S&S EP with Game of Thrones bundle in the first September midweek madness

Steam for the first midweek madness of September has discounted an amazing indie game, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery along with Cyanide Studios’ Game of Thrones Bundle. Game of Thrones Bundle is available at $23.80 (66% off). The bundle includes A Game of Thrones – Genesis, the 2011 strategy game release, and Game of Thrones, the 2012 RPG game release. Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP reduced by 50% off and purchasable for just $3.99 that is an absolute steal since the Steam purchase also comes with the wonderful Jim Guthrie soundtrack. Tomorrow the sale ends at 7pm EST.

Here’s a mini description taken from one of my former posts:

I actually have S:S&S EP on both my PC and my iPad. Words cannot describe how amazing S:S&S EP is. The pixel-art is absolutely lovely as Jim Guthrie’s wonderful musical plays in the background of your adventure as this warrior girl who tries to understand the mysterious Megatome. The point and click adventure game is simplistic in that you don’t have to worry about your deaths or your inventory for that matter. It is a casual-style game that allows you to focus on the taking in the entire game through the amazing visuals and wonderfully humorous dialogue. Also Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP will be available in Japan on June 21st and a new remix soundtrack created by many famous Japanese composers will be available to purchase on the same day for $5. So if the game and its soundtrack isn’t enough, you have an amazing reworked soundtrack of Jim Guthrie’s innovative music on its way.

Steam Summer Sale Day 7

Here are the day deals for Day 7 of Steam’s Summer Sale.

The flash sales at the moment now are:

The community poll at the moment is amongst Cities XL 2012 (75% off), SimCity 4 (75% off), and Anno 2070 (50% off). The voting ends in less than four hours and you have a chance to pick up Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit at $4.99 (75% off) before the community sale ends in less than two hours.

Steam Summer Sale Day 6

Here are the day deals for Day 6 of Steam’s Summer Sale.

The flash sales at the moment now are:

The community poll at the moment is amongst E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy (75% off), Sanctum (75% off), and Krater (50% off). The voting ends in less than four hours and you have a chance to pick up Batman: Arkham City at $10.19 (66% off) before the community sale ends in less than five hours.

Steam Summer Sale Day 4

Here’s your daily deals for Day 4! You still have less than twelve hours to purchase Day 3 daily deals as well.

The flash sales at the moment now are:

The community poll at the moment is amongst Terraria (75% off), Bastion (75% off), and Dungeon Defenders (75% off). The voting ends in less than five hours and you have another chance to pick up Legend of Grimrock at $5.99 (60% off) before the community sale ends in less than 6 hours.

I recommend Saints Row: The Third, it is incredibly amusing and hilarious. I definitely recommend Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP as well.

Wargame: European Escalation is Steam’s weekend deal the first weekend of July

Steam’s weekend deal is Wargame: European Escalation which is discounted 50% off due to the launch of the free Conquest DLC. The game is available to purchase for just $19.99.

In addition, Cubemen, an indie 3D tower defense game, is the daily deal this Thursday for 60% off which is just $1.99 or $3.19 for the two-pack. The Three Sprockets’ game supports Steamplay and is usable for PC and  Mac. Get both editions for just one price. Larian Studios’ Divine Divinity is officially available on Steam now as well for just a mere $5.99!

Also until July 10th, Call of Duty‘s DLCs are discounted 50% off. Get some extra content for your game at a reduced price.

Call of Duty DLCs – $7.49 each

Call of Duty: Black Ops DLCs – $7.49 each


Steam discounts both Napoleon and Cities XL 2012 50% off for this weekend

This upcoming weekend Steam has placed Napoleon free-to-play until Sunday. The Creative Assembly game, Napoleon: Total War Imperial Edition, is on sale for 50% off placing it at $9.99 until the sale ends on Monday at 1pm. However, the Game of the Year Edition is not on sale and sits at $29.99. Additionally the DLCs are not discounted as well. However when you purchase the Imperial Edition, you’ll receive 10 additional elite units that are usable in both single player and multiplayer game modes.

Also available on sale this weekend is Cities XL 2012. This game is also 50% off like Napoleon and is available to purchase at $9.99 until the sale ends on Monday.



Larian Studios’ Divinity: Original Sin scheduled to release in Q1 2013

The Belgian developer, Larian Studios, is producing a new title in the Divinity franchise. Divinity: Original Sin is scheduled to release in 2013 and is in fact set before Divine Divinity (2002). The turn-based RPG is bringing back the hack n’ slash RPGs. Additionally the game is a cooperative game that not only allows players to work together, but also in fact has the players work completely together in battle and quests and even in the dialogue. Therefore, both players will be required to interact with the NPC in a three-way conversation rather than continually have one player hand in a quest and hear the NPC ramble on and on. As well as the innovative co-op dialogue, the Reputation and Attitude system is different and there’s even going to be a complete level editor available due to Larian Studios combined efforts with Valve’s Steam Workshop.

“Despite being turn based, it’s impressively fluid, based heavily around use and manipulation of the elements. Cast a rain spell and you’ll create a puddle that can then be electrified, evaporated or frozen, each with their own appropriate effects. There’s even the threat of slipping up on the ice, knocking yourself over for a turn. Despite being relatively simple with its elements, it’s obvious that there is that breadth of experimentation that made, say, Magicka so successful” (IGN).

If you are interested in the game after viewing the recent E3 trailers below, check out Divinity II: Ego Draconis and Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga both available on Steam. There is even a demo for Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga for you to try!


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