Steam launches Quakecon weekend

Steam has a publisher sale this weekend, highlighting Bethesda and id Software. There will be daily deals that will showcase a popular franchise. For today, it’s The Elder Scrolls V: Skryim. You can purchase it for 50% off which equals $29.99. In addition, you can look at the rest of the catalog that’s on sale here.

Steam Summer Sale Day 8

Here are the daily deals for Day 8 of Steam’s Summer Sale. There are only three more days of indie bundles after this as well.

The flash sales at the moment now are:

The community poll at the moment is amongst Total War: Shogun 2(75% off), Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine (75% off), and Dead Island (66% off). The voting ends in less than two hours and you have a chance to pick up The Longest Journey at $2.49 (75% off) before the community sale ends in less than two hours.

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