Steam brings back the Summer Indie Bundles on sale along with reducing Transformers

Finally, there’s something slightly more interesting than the usual big title sales. Steam has discounted Transformers: War of Cybertron 75% off, putting it at just $7.50. Also if you pre-purchase the game, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, you’ll receive the G1 Retro Pack free! In addition to the discounted High Moon Studios game, you can also purchase the Summer Indie Bundles that were available during the Steam Summer Sale again. Each bundle is available at $9.99 (75% off).
Check out the list below for details on which games are featured in each bundle.  As always, the midweek madness sales end at 7pm EST.

  • Indie Bundle Day 1 – The Baconing, Edge, Anomaly Warzone Earth, Cave Story+, Lone Survivor ($39.99 placeholder)
  • Indie Bundle Day 2 – Universe Sandbox, E.Y.E, Oil Rush, Botanicula, Splice ($39.99 placeholder)
  • Indie Bundle Day 3 – Braid, Bit.Trip Beat, Runespell: Overture, Bunch of Heroes, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet ($39.99 placeholder)
  • Indie Bundle Day 4 – Atom Zombie Smasher, Sanctum, Blocks That Matter, Sword and Sworcery (includes soundtrack), A Valley Without Wind ($39.99 placeholder)
  • Indie Bundle Day 5 – Audiosurf, Greed Corp., Gemini Rue, The Tiny Bang Story, Ys: The Oath in Felghana ($39.99 placeholder)
  • Indie Bundle Day 6 – Defcon, AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome, SpaceChem, Trauma, Ticket to Ride ($39.99 placeholder)
  • Indie Bundle Day 7 – Zombie Driver, Dungeons of Dredmor, Vessel, Avadon: The Black Fortress, Qube ($39.99 placeholder)
  • Indie Bundle Day 8 – Wings of Prey, Hoard, Swords and Soldiers, Demolition Inc., Sol Exodus ($39.99 placeholder)
  • Indie Bundle Day 9 – Zeno Clash, VVVVVV, Revenge of the Titans, Jamestown, Capsized ($39.99 placeholder)
  • Indie Bundle Day 10 – Machinarium, Eufloria, Beat Hazard, Bit.Trip Runner, All Zombies Must Die ($39.99 placeholder)
  • Indie Bundle Day 11 – World of Goo, Star Ruler, Hydrophobia, Orion: Dino Beatdown, Waveform ($39.99 placeholder)

Steam Summer Sale Day 6

Here are the day deals for Day 6 of Steam’s Summer Sale.

The flash sales at the moment now are:

The community poll at the moment is amongst E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy (75% off), Sanctum (75% off), and Krater (50% off). The voting ends in less than four hours and you have a chance to pick up Batman: Arkham City at $10.19 (66% off) before the community sale ends in less than five hours.

Deadpool: The Game revealed

Deadpool: The Game was officially unveiled yesterday by Activision. Here’s the trailer. Quite entertaining. Not sure what is getting release on, but probably Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Perhaps it will come to PC, I don’t know.

Deadpool game in the works

At 6pm EST, Activision’s Deadpool game will be revealed. Just a little more than 3 hours. No idea what consoles it’ll be for. But be sure to check out the website and come back for more information!

New The Walking Dead video game in the works, set to release in 2013

If you love zombies, then I’m sure you’ve heard of The Walking Dead by now, the film or even the video game. Well now there’s a new The Walking Dead video game on the horizon. And no, this isn’t another episode from Telltale Games. Nope, this one will be published by Activison and developed by Terminal Reality. The new game will be a first-person shooter and take place before the events of the first episode of the critically-acclaimed AMC TV series. You’ll control Daryl Dixon and will embark on a journey about him and his brother Merle. It will incorporate possibilities to take on zombies directly or to avoid them. Additionally, the game will be released on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 in 2013. Below is a trailer for the upcoming title. In other news, The Walking Dead: Episode 3 – Long Road Ahead will be available sometime in mid-August. The Walking Dead: Episode 2 – Starved for Help is available now to play. Purchase the game on Steam for $24.99 (supports PC and Mac through Steamplay).

Amazing Spider-Man will release later on PC

For some reason and with no explanation at all, Activision’s The Amazing Spider-Man game will arrive on PC in August. The game will be over a month late compared to the launch for the Xbox 360, PS3, 3DS, DS, and Wii versions that will hit stores this Friday. Perhaps the halted launch is due to The Amazing Spider-Man being available on Steam on August 10th, oh and with Steam Achievements. Who knows, hopefully they’ll be be enhancing the game and making it the best it should be, at least that’s what I’d like to think whenever there’s a PC game version release date delay. It seems inevitable that most PC releases get hit with the delay bug. However, the Spider-Man game has been compared to Batman: Arkham City, which is a pretty nice statement.

Until the PC release, you can always watch the film that appears in theatres on July 3rd next week.

Guild Wars 2 now has a release day

UPDATE: You can join the final beta test scheduled July 20th to the 22nd. Those who pre-ordered the game can also join in it.

Guild Wars 2 will be releasing on August 28th. Yesterday ArenaNet conducted a four hour stress test that allowed beta players to re-enter the world and revisit their characters in the MMORPG. It was only a matter of time after the stress test that the launch date would be announced.  Additionally, Madden NFL 13 and Transformers: Fall of Cyberton are also releasing on the same day.

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