LoL champions and skins on sale 8/31-9/3

Shen splash art

This weekend Apocalyptic Brand is putting some champions and skins on sale. The champions he has graciously reduced are Shen, Cassiopeia, and Heimerdinger. All of them are available for just 487 RP each. The three skins on sale are: Battlecast Urgot, Tribal Ryze, and Executioner Mundo. You can pick up Tribal Ryze for just 260 RP; however, Battlecast Urgot and Executioner Mundo are on sale for 487 RP. Purchase them now from the League of Legends store before the deals end Monday, September 3rd.

Battlecast Urgot in-game image

Battlecast Urgot splash art

Tribal Ryze in-game image

Tribal Ryze splash art

Executioner Mundo in-game image

Executioner Mundo splash art




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