LoL champions and skins on sale 8/21-8/24 and free champion rotation week 39

Ezreal splash art

This week we have Ezreal, Taric, and Trundle all at reduced price, according to Lord Darius. Ezreal and Trundle are now available for just 487 RP; however Taric is available to pick up at a cheaper 292 RP. Additionally, one of Taric’s skins is on sale as well, Bloodstone Taric. Also Pentakill Yorick and Full Metal Pantheon are discounted too. All three of these skins are purchasable for just 487 RP until Friday, August 24th. Also it’s week 39 and the free champion rotation highlights: Janna, Diana, Annie, Kassadin, Nunu, Singed, Twisted Fate, Galio, Miss Fortune, and Xin Zhao.

Bloodstone Taric in-game image

Bloodstone Taric splash art

Pentakill Yorick in-game image

Pentakill Yorick splash art

Full Metal Pantheon in-game image

Full Metal Pantheon splash art


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