LoL champions and skins on sale 8/10-8/13

Karthus splash art

Pentakill Mordekaiser is unloading the champions and skins on sale for this upcoming weekend. He has Karthus, Singed, and Fiora all on sale. You’ll be able to pick up Singed for just 292 RP tomorrow. In addition, there will also be Fiora and Karthus discounted for just 487 RP. The skins reduced tomorrow as well will be Iron Solari Leona, High Noon Twisted Fate, and Sewn Chaos Orianna. For 487 RP each, you can pick up Iron Solari Leona and High Noon Twisted Fate, but Sewn Chaos Orianna will be available for just 260 RP. The sale lasts until Monday, August 13th, so pick them up before it ends.

Iron Solari Leona in-game image

Iron Solari Leona splash art

High Noon Twisted Fate in-game image

High Noon Twisted Fate splash art

Sewn Chaos Orianna in-game image

Sewn Chaos Orianna splash art




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