LoL champions and skins on sale 8/7-8/10 and free champion rotation week 37

Kennen splash art
So, like, Kennen’s a little mouse dude or something? What’s up with that? Hey little mouse dude! I bet he loves pizza. I can’t get over this little ninja! 487 RP.

Groovy Zilean has discounted champions and skins on sale for midweek. This time Vayne, Kennen, and Tryndamere are all on sale. While Tryndamere is on sale for just 292 RP now, Kennen and Vayne are on sale for 487 RP from the League of Legends store. In additon, the three skins that are reduced are: Headhunter Master Yi, Commando Lux, and Frosted Ezreal.Both Headhunter Master Yi and Commando Lux are each on sale for 487 RP, but Frosted Ezreal is available for just 260 RP. All are available in the League of Legends store until Friday. Also the free champions for week 37 are: Ashe, Evelynn, Varus, Heimerdinger, Rammus, Shen, Garen, Sona, Viktor, and Hecarim.

Headhunter Master Yi in-game image

Headhunter Master Yi splash art

Commando Lux in-game image

Commando Lux splash art

Frosted Ezreal in-game image

Frosted Ezreal splash art






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