SWTOR goes free-to-play in November

Bioware and Electronics Arts announced yesterday, they’ll be bring Star Wars: The Old Republic into a free-to-play model come this November. The MMORPG that was released last winter has currently slipped below one million subscribers. Although the model is free-to-play, the developers are incorporating a currency system called Cartel Coins that will enable users to access new content and advanced player features such as valuable items. However those who don’t wish to be limited in their gameplay will be able to do what they are doing now, paying a recurring auto-payment each month or using a game time card. When transitioning to the new model, players who are currently subscribed and those who have canceled their subscription will receive a payment of Cartel Coins based on their game time, that is how long they have played up to the new launch. In addition, you will receive several rewards if you have been sticking to SWTOR before the news of the free-to-play model. Check out the details between the free-to-play model that will be incorporated in November, compared to the model now and which will still continue.


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