Lol new skin available – Rageborne Mundo

Rageborn Mundo splash art

Riot Games has introduced a new skin to get excited about. If you’re a Mundo player, you’re in luck as you can purchase the brand new Rageborn Mundo skin in the League of Legends store now. As always with new skins, this one costs 975 RP.

Dr. Mundo’s known for many things: unwavering lunacy, going where he pleases and tossing cleavers at enemies’ backsides. Now, we’re ratcheting up Mundo’s brutality and fearsomeness with Rageborn Mundo, a completely new take on the Madman of Zaun. More at home on the battlefield than in the laboratory, Rageborn Mundo’s equipped with a brand new model, barbaric armor, and a deadly axe that’s got just as much slowing power as his iconic cleavers. Rageborn Mundo also has a slew of updated animations and a devastating new throw for Infected Cleaver that will have your enemies running away (slowly) in fear.

Rageborn Mundo in-game animations


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