Steam’s midweek madness reduces indie tower-defense, Dungeon Defenders

Supposedly Steam’s summer sale will begin on the 12th making this midweek madness sale the last for the next two weeks. Dungeon Defenders has received the special Steam discount this week at 66% off. Dungeon Defenders latest Quest of Lost Eternia Shards DLC is available now at just $3.99. But even if you don’t want to shell out $4 for a DLC, the other DLCs are all 66% off and range from $0.33-$1.69. Additionally if you don’t own this indie tower defense game, you can pick up the game for just $5.09 as pretty cheap try-out. The Trendy Entertainment game mixes tower defense, action, strategy, and RPG into one allowing you to immerse yourself in the quirky game solo or with a buddy or two. The game supports both PC and Mac versions and uses Steamplay (just a one time purchase and you get both editions). The sale ends on Thursday at 7.oopm EST.

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