CBS signed to Deus Ex: Human Revolution based film

Assassin’s Creed isn’t the only series turning into a film, now so is Square Enix’s Deus Ex. The most recent installment of the series Deus Ex: Human Revolution debuted last summer and now the new film will feature an interpretation of the recent video game. There’s no news on who will play the main role for the film, but it certainly won’t be Michael Fassbender. CBS will be working closely with Eidos Montreal and Roy Lee, executive producer of The Departed, and Adrian Askarieh are the two named producers for the upcoming film. As someone who just finished Deus Ex: Human Revolution rather recently, it’s truly an amazing game and I highly recommend it. For a game that hasn’t been out for more than a year, grabbing Deus Ex: HR on a 75% off sale at just $7.49 is an absolute steal. Also The Departed is a great film that I recommend too, of course I’m biased having been raised in Massachusetts.


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