LoL champions and skins on sale 7/6-7/10

Riven splash art

Corporate Mundo’s holding Outback Renekton‘s wife and kids, so today Outback Renekton will be telling you about the champions and skins on sale for 7/6-7/10. This weekend the champions on sale will be Riven, Lux, and Udyr. All of them will be discounted at 487 RP, so no sale treatment to anyone for receiving a better discount! Additionally, there are of course three skins on sale. These will be Sorceress Lux, Midnight Ahri, and Vindicator Vayne. Sorceress Lux will be on sale for 260 RP, while Midnight Ahri and Vindicator Vayne will each be reduced to 487 RP. Be sure to pick up these champions and skins in the League of Legends store before the sale ends on Tuesday.

Sorceress Lux in-game image

Sorceress Lux splash art

Midnight Ahri in-game image

Midnight Ahri splash art

Vindicator Vayne in-game image

Vindicator Vayne splash art



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