LoL Jayce Patch Preview and recent updates

Riot Games has certainly been busy. League of Legends was almost impossible to play about two weeks ago due to the exceptionally long wait queues that varied between 3-5 hours long (that is every time I tried to get in, so they could have been longer for other people). Since the bugginess of their last patch around Father’s Day, League Legends has been rather disappointing. Not only did they not give out RP (that week definitely would have a been a nice time to give out RP for the inconveniences; it’s a lot more of a substantial reason too) due to the delays in play (if you could play at all), but the former patch has increased the amount of bugs within the game or at least made them more apparent they exist.

While I can only speak of a few characters, I have noticed Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab land and failed to pull the intended target, whether it be a minion or a even a champion. In addition and this personally extremely pisses me off, Morgana’s Dark Binding went completely through Darius the other day while I was playing. Not only has Morgana’s Dark Binding completely passed through opponents from time to time (but a lot more now since the last patch), but also Morg’s ultimate, Soul Shackles, has also whiffed the stun and even the damage. These are bugs that I have experienced since over a year ago and while I expect it to happen, but rarely, now they keep failing more and more. It’s a shame that Riot Games can’t seem to fix these to the champion I usually only play as well as any champions whom continually experience bugs.

They released Pulsefire Ezreal a few days ago and they even released their new all-random, all-mid map, Proving Grounds, to custom games. Now they intend to release a new patch titled the Jayce Patch. Okay so Riot Games, you’re revealing the next patch; however you have not had an official reveal of Jayce at all. That makes so much sense! Jayce is apparently going to be a new champion, whether or not he is released anytime soon is yet to be determined. Jayce could just very well disappear like Ahri did after her reveal, since she was released about six months later. Below are possibly the abilities this new champion will be imbued with; however, these ideas are not confirmed but it appears he will be able to switch in between melee and ranged abilities similar to Nidalee. Also below after the Jayce Patch Preview, there’s a video highlight Jayce’s abilities.

Passive (both modes): Jayce gains 40 bonus MS and ignores unit collision for 1.25 seconds after each transformation.

Hammer mode (melee)

Q (Thunderstrike): Does magic damage based on X% of target’s max hp and knocks away the target.
W (Thunderleap): Jumps to target area, dealing physical damage and applying a slow to all surrounding enemies.
E (Mordin cannon): Transforms into cannon form, gaining increased range and new abilities.

Cannon mode (ranged)

Q (Gate of Speed): Jayce summons a gate boosting the MS of all friendly champions passing through the gate. If Jayce’s ranged autoattacks pass through this gate, the projectiles gain increased damage/range/speed.
W (Energy Charge): Jayce overcharges, gaining attack speed for a few attacks.
E (Mordin Hammer): Transforms into hammer form, gaining passive armor and magic resist and new abilities.

R (both modes): Passive mana gain on autoattack, active point blank AoE damage over time.

Source: League Craft

The Jayce Patch Preview showcases new changes to the following champions: Orianna, Nunu, Shen, Karthus, Soraka, and LeBlanc. Concerning Orianna, she’s essentially a bit “unresponsive” according to Phreak, therefore Riot Games has decided to decrease the global cooldown of all her abilities. This will allow her string her attacks more fluidly as well as help her teammates out with more when supporting or when on the offensive. While they are changing her global cooldowns, Orianna’s ratios will also decrease or increase. In addition, if someone flashes out of range for her ult, it will go on a short cooldown. Hey, Riot if you’re doing that on Orianna, could you please make Morg’s ult go on a short cooldown too if someone flashes out so it’s not waste, oh and for any damn champion that could happen to. C’mon now. That’s silly to give short cooldowns based on gameplay like that to certain champions and not others.

Concerning Nunu, they are reducing the cooldown of Consume and the number of attacks required to trigger his passive to make him more of a viable counter-jungle. What does Shen, Karthus, and Soraka all have in common? Global ultimates, that’s what. Therefore due to their dominance in high-level play, Riot Games has increased the cooldown on their global ultimates at higher ranks. Lastly and annoyingly so, LeBlanc receives buffs because she’s been “outclassed as a high-mobility mage assassin”. Excuse me? Who outclasses her? They are increasing the missile speed of Sigil of Silence and lowering the cooldown of Distortion along with additionally allowing LeBlanc players to choose whether or not to jump back to the origin point of Distortion or the Mimicked Distortion. Okay so basically she can flash three times in a row if she has the flash spell as well as confuse enemies by being able to flash back to two different points? C’mon she’s already strong and now Riot Games you’re buffing her because of this supposed idea she’s outclassed? Ugh. Check the Jayce Patch Preview below and come back for more information about the Jayce Patch once the notes are released.

Jayce Patch Preview

Jayce Abilities Preview

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