Age of Wulin shows off gorgeous settings

Age of Wulin is an upcoming MMORPG that is free-to-play and sports some 3D martial arts action. The wonderful and beautiful artwork of Chinese Wuxia is based on early Ming Dynasty. During the Ming Dynasty era, martial arts was at its finest and Age of Wulin has set you back in time to experience all that China has to offer such as the Great Wall of China and the Wudang mountains. Concerning the gameplay, the NPCs actually have a bit of personality. They’ll be mad at you if you disrespect them such as bumping into them. Some of them even give you special events to participate in. You’ll have many martial arts skills at your disposable and will be able to customize your fighting style to your personality. This also includes what sort of weapons you prefer, a blade or fists or even a dart. In addition, there’ll be a whopping 17 professions to choose from that include, but not limited to: chess player, painter, beggar. Of course, as always, the MMO will feature PvE and PvP options as well as teaming up with a guild to know everything Wulin.

Check out more information from the official website and the trailer and gorgeous artwork both shown below. Also be sure to pre-register if you are interested.

Age of Wulin brings to life a vibrant universe in which you will develop your martial arts skills to become a Wushu master. With no classes or levels, you are free to pursue many paths as the wandering knights of Medieval China. The events in Age of Wulin take place during the Ming Dynasty and you will be able to explore this exciting setting. While inspired by Wuxia universe, the game world is based on, and parallels the dramatic history of the Ming dynasty (1368-1644 CE).

The first Ming Emperor emerged as a rebel leader, managed to end the Mongols domination of China and rebuilt the Chinese Empire. Later on, Beijing was established as the new Chinese capital and the greatest city in the world.

The Great Wall was also completed, serving as a static defence against military threats from the Northern nomads. During Ming times, Europeans made contact with China, great naval expeditions reached Africa and India and the Chinese empire flourished (Age of Wulin).


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