Age of Empires online goes free-to-play

Age of Empires Online has gone completely free-to-play now. The game was free-to-play before; however it was perfectly created so those who didn’t wish to pay would not be able to access a huge chunk of the higher end content. Therefore, you could really only try the game rather than immerse yourself in a full-fledged actual free-to-play game. Gas Powered Games will be updating the game to implement the new changes to their model as well as incorporate Alliance Wars. This new feature will be available for the players who are around level 40 and will be a team-based competition. In addition, the developer will be including purchasable vanity items. Once the update has been incorporated to the game, players with existing accounts will be granted 500 Empire Points, while new players will receive 100 Empire Points upon creating their account.

Chris Taylor, founder and CEO of Gas Powered Games details, “With Empire Points and this true free-to-play business model, we are giving players what they have repeatedly asked for… fewer pay walls and more ways for players to experience this legendary franchise” (Eurogamer).



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