Kingdom Rush available for iPhone and iPod Touch!

One of my favorite iPad games has now officially launched on the iPhone and iPod touch. Kingdom Rush is one of the best tower defense games out on the market right now. Its gameplay can be easy, but overall as you progress, defending your land is a lot harder task than you expect it to be. Created by Ironhide Game Studios, the tower defense game has plenty of options to start against the hordes of goblins, orcs, and undead (to name a few enemies) you’ll battle against.

The game consists of just four building types: mage towers, barrack towers, archer towers, and artillery towers. Each enemy has a particular resistance to either magic or physical damage or even both; therefore it’s your ultimate wits that will help you figure how best to stop them before they deplete your kingdom’s health. Each round you have 20 lives and a particular sum of money to spend to create your defenses. In addition, you also have two cooldown dependent summoner spells: reinforcements and meteors. The meteors have an incredibly long cooldown while the reinforcements are two farmers for example that can be summoned almost around 10 seconds or so. Also although there are only four types of buildings, you can, after three upgrades, choose one or two path upgrades. For example, the mage tower can transform into an teleporting-enemies-around arcane tower or a reduce-enemies-armor tower (that also summons a nifty stone elemental, who acts as a guard).

So if you love tower defense games, certainly purchase Kingdom Rush, it definitely doesn’t disappoint. The sounds are cute, the graphics are nice, and the difficulty balance is great. There’s also plenty of achievements to strive for and after completing the game, there will be special challenges that await you. Get it at the iTunes App Store for iPad ($2.99) or iPhone/iPod Touch ($0.99). Or if you don’t have an iOS device or just don’t wish to pay the developers for the awesome game, then you can play the game online for free.


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