Horn could be the new Infinity Blade

Horn looks like it could rival Epic Games’ Infinity Blade. Infinity Blade is one of those games here it’s easy to put down and pick it right back up due to the short battles. Infinity Blade is the first game to release on iOS using the Unreal Engine 3 and in addition, it has become the most profitable Epic Games’ franchise “in terms of man years invested versus revenue only, not total profit” (Eurogamer), according to Mark Rein. However, Horn looks just as impressive compared to the fastest-grossing app in iOS history. The iOS Phosphor Games‘ new entry will have players explore a world where an entire village has transformed into monsters. In this third-person action-adventure game, you control a young blacksmith on a search for questions regarding the the unusual and unfortunate occurrence placed on his village. You’ll be able to leap over ledges and participate in one-on-one battles. The battle system is similar to Zelda in which while you are attacking, you can circle around your opponent and dodge attacks or counter-blows.




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