LoL champions and skins on sale 6/19-6/22

Rammus splash art

For some strange and bizarre reason, Corporate Mundo decided to post the champions and skins on sale for 6/22-6/26 before the sale between 6/19-6/22. Like that makes sense…anyway I fixed my previous post which I suddenly realized stated the wrong dates. Also considering the immense amount of downtime of the servers, Riot Games has probably issued a 10 win IP boost. I noticed mine yesterday so I’m sure if you haven’t received yours yet, you’ll receive it soon. The Father’s Day patch apparently got pushed back to today and was probably partly due to why the servers were down. Also Riot Games has created a Server Status forum which you can check out here. It’ll inform you if the server is down, why it is down, and when it started and how long the maintenance will take. The recent patch I believe created some error concerning account information and disabling chat. But onto the champions and skins sale!

Talon splash art

This week we have at least two fun champions on sale, Mr. Armordillo himself, Rammus, and the assassin, Talon. Each of them are on sale for 487 RP and are available in the League of Legends store, if you ever happen to bypass through the long queue wait. Additionally, Malphite (I really don’t like him, I think he’s a pretty boring and useless champion, but hey that’s just me) is on sale as well for 260 RP.

Also the champion skins on sale includes one for Malphite, who is sale as well. Obsidian Malphite joins the ranks of the reduced along with Waterloo Miss Fortune and Frozen Terror Nocturne. Obsidian Malphite and Frozen Terror Nocturne are available for 487 RP and Waterloo Miss Fortune is available for just 260 RP.

Obsidian Malphite in-game image

Obsidian Malphite splash art

Waterloo Miss Fortune in-game image

Waterloo Miss Fortune splash art

Frozen Terror Nocturne in-game image

Frozen Terror Nocturne splash art


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