DotA 2 free-to-play, works with Steam Workshop

Valve’s DotA, developed by IceFrog, will indeed be free-to-play. The game has not been release; however the official DotA Store has. The store provides items created both by the developers and  by the community. Valve’s usage of the Steam Workshop allows for complete customization of DotA‘s characters. Therefore, anybody can buy whichever items they wish to make their own unique character or simply spend no money on the game at all and just enjoy it. All the items crafted, which is at least 200 items, have been made available already. In addition, all the items are purely for aesthetic purposes and do not affect the gameplay (we hope).

Originally DotA’s name was in dispute due to a trademark conflict with Blizzard Entertainment, the dispute was settled with Blizzard’s game receiving the title Blizzard All-Stars.
Check out the official blog website for more news.


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