Mists of Pandaria mount and tier sets revealed

Pandaren’s Dragon Turtle Mount

As most MMO players probably know by now, Blizzard Entertainment is working on their new expansion to their 12 million subscribers game, World of Warcraft. The expansion is known as Mists of Pandaria and focuses on a brand new race called the Pandaren. The Pandaren are well…pandas. Yes, once this expansion releases you’ll be forced to kill pandas in PvP and whatever quests Blizzard thinks up. It doesn’t seem right to kill something that cute, but regardless as it comes with no surprise MoP introduces a new world highly influenced by the Eastern Asian countries.

Wandering Isle

With this new world, Blizzard will introduce (and hopefully finalized) talent system which has been re-vamped ever since Cataclysm was announced and annoyingly it bears extreme resemblance to Blizzard’s Diablo III (you know there’s a reason one’s called Diablo III and WoW – you can’t just copy and paste the same attributes into games). There will be new quests of course, daily quests as well, and WoW’s Lead Content Designer Cory Stockton has detailed there will be no restriction how how many daily quests you are allowed to complete, compared to the present cap of just 25 daily quests. Oh right and they’re introducing the new class, the monk, who’s not restricted to only Horde or Alliance. More updates to come soon.

Mists of Pandaria Armor Sets: Druid Tier 14, Hunter Tier 14, Warlock Challenge Mode


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