Guild Wars 2 beta weekend coming

ArenaNet has set up another Guild Wars 2 beta weekend which will occur at 8pm UK time (3pm EST) on Friday, June 8th. Already one million people have signed up for the upcoming beta weekend and more should in the next several days. The beta now features improvements based on the feedback from fans. In addition, those players who played in the first beta testing will now be able to play their characters again and test out the level 35 Ascalonian Catacombs dungeon.

“What is the one thing we most look forward to in our second Beta Weekend Event? In a nutshell, it’s getting the chance to play with you all: sharing a world we’ve built together, discovering what’s great and what could be better, and defining a ground-breaking world that we can all enjoy for many years to come. That’s what these beta events mean to us” said Chris Whiteside (a.k.a. Snowcrash).

Guild Wars 2 – Ascalonian Catacombs Cinematic

Guild Wars 2 teaser trailer


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