LoL champions and skins on sale 5/29-6/1

Taric splash art

From today to June 1st, you may purchase new champions and skins in the League of Legends store. This week Corporate Mundo has personally selected for you to be able to purchase the champions: Xin Zhao, Rumble, and Taric. You can purchase both Xin and Zhao for just 487 Riot Points and Taric for 260 RP. In addition, Corporate Mundo has placed the following skins on sale: Hyena Warwick, Shurima Desert Zilean, and Aristocrat Vayne. You can get the Hyena Warwick and Shurima Desert Zilean for 487 RP each where as the Aristocrat Vayne is purchasable for 260 RP.

Hyena Warwick in-game image

Hyena Warwick splash art

Aristocrat Vayne

Aristocrat Vayne splash art

Shurima Desert Zilean

Shurima Desert Zilean splash art


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