The Binding of Issac’s Wrath of the Lamb DLC available now

The Binding of Issac‘s DLC has officially released. It is available now from Steam for just $2.99. The game provides tons of new content for you to try out and Wrath of the Lamb DLC comes out a convenient time since the original game is on sale currently because of Because We May. Therefore, you can purchase both the original game and the DLC for just $4.99, the regular price of the game. The price of The Binding of Issac is $2.00 until June 1st.

Wrath of the Lamb includes:

  • 100+ new items! (now over 235 items!)
  • 5+ new chapters!
  • 20+ new enemies!
  • 25 new achievements!
  • 15+ new bosses!
  • 6+ new room types!
  • 6+ new mysterious item drops (eternal hearts, playing cards, dimes and more!)
  • 5+ new music tracks by Danny B
  • A new item type, Trinkets
  • A new challenge mode with 10 unique challenges that unlock more content
  • A new unlockable character, Samson (The Beserker)
  • A new final (final) chapter and boss with new endings
  • Tons of new random happenings, curses, blessings, npcs, fortune tellers and more!
  • Also more super secrets than you’d probably expect… good luck finding them all.

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