Riot Games releases two new skins, free champion rotation week 27

Sad Robot Amumu splash art

After a new week full of goodies for everyone, Riot Games have introduced two more new champion skins. In addition to the Blackthorn Morgana skin, Tyrant Swain skin, and Lord Darius skin, you can now purchase both Sad Robot Amumu and Darkflame Shyvana. Each new skin is available for 975 Riot Points. Check out the pictures below for more details of these pretty neat looking skins.

Sad Robot Amumu abilities’ animations

Darkflame Shyvana splash art

Darkflame Shyvana abilities’ animations

Also the free available champions in this week’s rotation are Amumu, Anivia, Katarina, Nasus, Soraka, Veigar, Sejuani, Pantheon, Kog’Maw, and Caitlyn.


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