Indie Game: The Movie makes it way onto Steam

Indie Game: The Movie will be released on Steam as well as iTunes and of course, from its official website. The movie will be available on June 12th. Surprisingly, Steam has made this available and they are currently trying to work on bringing different medias to Steam besides the digital distribution of video games.

The film mostly focuses on Phil Fish, the creator of Fez; Team Meat, creators of Super Meat Boy; and Jonathan Blow, the developer of Braid.

Indie Game: The Movie
From left, Tommy Refenes and Edmund McMillen in “Indie Game: The Movie.”

If you pre-order it from Steam, you’ll receive 10% off discount now and the movie will be viewable on both Windows and Macs. Or from iTunes you have the option of purchase the HD ($12.99) or the non-HD version ($9.99). Then there’s always pre-ordering straight from the team themselves for $9.99, but you’ll also receive the movie in a variety of formats that will not be restricted to a particular program.

  • HD 1080p
  • HD 720p
  • Mobile
  • English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Traditional Chinese, English Subtitles
  • Clean (Swear-free) versions available

Check out the trailer below and New York Times review on the film here.


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