Square Enix releases new Sleeping Dogs 101 trailer as the game’s release is just less than three months away

Square Enix has released a new trailer for a game I’m highly anticipating and I’m sure many others are, Sleeping Dogs. This game is scheduled to release on August 14th for the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

If you don’t know anything about the game, well here’s some information. This game was originally titled True Crime: Hong Kong back in 2009. It was supposed to be the third installment of the True Crime series and a rework title. However last year, Activision canceled the game due to the high budget and development delays as well as the belief that the game just wouldn’t sell. Instead Square Enix saw something special in the game and received the publishing rights six months later after Activision’s plans fell through; however obviously they did not use the series name True Crime.

Now reworked under Square Enix’s eye, the game has received tons of new trailers recently showcasing the gameplay and the martial arts as its mainstay. The soon-to-be-released game highlights a brightly lit up Hong Kong at night as you take control of the protagonist, Wei Shen. Wei Shen is an undercover cop, who attempts to infiltrate the Triad, one of Hong Kong’s most notorious gangs. The Triad organization he must infiltrate is named Sun On Yee, which references to the real-life Triad gang Sun Yee On. As Wei Shen, you can free roam around the city of Hong Kong and beat down on tons of people using much of the city’s items at your disposal. Got an air vent behind you? Just dodge out of the way of your opponent’s attacks or take him by his clothes and shove him in there. Got a burning gas stove in the room? No problem, just put the fire out with your opponent’s face. Much of the game has unique fighting finishers and as you play throughout it, you may also level Wei Shen’s abilities and Face XP, Police XP, and Triad XP. In addition, you will be able to purchase clothes that will help you along the way.

The game’s combat style is similar to that of Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City and the bullet time features are reminiscent of Max Payne. While the free running aspect of the game is similar to the Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed, the open world/free roam and quests are similar to Grand Theft Auto. The game is an extremely well-thought out and well-developed melting pot of the best features in video games today.

Check out the trailer below and if you are interested, you can pre-purchase it on Steam for $44.99 (10% off discount) and you’ll receive the following extras: “upgraded to the Limited Edition for free and two exclusive DLC packs” (DSO Gaming). You may additionally pre-order the game from Amazon, Best Buy, or Gamestop; however be aware the pre-order bonuses ARE NOT available for PC gamers. Instead Square Enix has stated they’ll release a PC-exclusive for the digital download of the game.

If you pre-order the game from Amazon, you’ll receive these pre-order bonuses: Martial Arts Pack, which includes a Shaolin Showdown mission, Shaolin Warrior outfit (with increased striking damage), Bonus Triad XP points, and Wing Chun decoration for your safe house.

If you pre-order the game from Best Buy, you’ll receive the “exclusive George St. Pierre Pack, which allows you to use the outfit, T-shirt, headband and shorts to harness the powerful talents and strengths of the world-class fighter”.

If you pre-order from Gamestop, you’ll get “Police Protection Pack, which includes an exclusive mission, vehicle and weapon. The “High Speed” Mission lets you join the Hong Kong Police Department SWAT Unit in an all out street war with the Triads. Swerve through traffic, explosions and gun fire as you chase down your targets in an exclusive Swat Police Car. With The Police Protection Pack Assault Rifle you can take your enemies out with either a single shot, or a spray of bullets”.


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