Indie Facekick releases their next bundle: Be In The Game bundle

Indie FaceKick is back with a brand new bundle titled “Be In the Game”. This bundle is available for a minimum of $1 because for the first time ever, Indie FaceKick has gone with the pay-what-you-want concept seen in many indie game bundles. The minimum of $1 will net you three games: Alien Hallway, Arkhelom 3D, and Tompi Jones. However if you pay $5, you’ll receive Depth Hunter and Alien Shooter 2: Conscription. In addition to the games and regardless of how much you pay, you’ll receive music as well! You’ll get the official soundtrack for Arkhelom 3D as well as music from Pete Mitchell’s Band and Gary R. This bundle is called Be In the Game, well yes if you donate $15, you’ll get your name in the credits of Tompi Jones. Additionally if you happen to be the top donor, you’ll even get to name level or a boss in the game as well as receive 10 additional copies to give away for your friends. Check out the official website. Also it’s about half and half; two games are provided with Steam keys while three are provide with Desura keys.


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