The Cave, a Ron Gilbert project, shows another great Double Fine game in the works

Double Fine, the developer for Brütal Legend and Costume Quest, has announced a new title, The Cave. From the creator of Monkey Island, Ron Gilbert has been working on this project since 2010 when he was signed on by Double Fine for a new project. The Cave will be an early 2013 release and will be published by Sega for the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. This quirky game will feature some whacky adventurers who you’ll use to explore the depths below an amusement park.

There will be many puzzles placed in your way, but you ‘ll be able to solve the obstacles with your inventory items. In addition you’ll be able to solve the puzzles with each character’s unique set of abilities. For example, The Knight can summon a force-field and spectral wings to slow fall himself. The Hillbilly on the other hand can hold his breath indefinitely. Those are just a couple characters, but each puzzle can be solved using the different characters’ abilities which ultimately adds replay value.

“The real influence for The Cave is that everybody has this dark spot,” Gilbert explains. “Each of these characters were chosen because of that little dark spot inside them. They really are just coming to the cave to kind of explore that” (Eurogamer).

The Knight and The Princess

The wobbly Hillbilly

Cave of Forgotten Genres


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  1. Karl Weller
    May 24, 2012 @ 14:07:30

    With so many FPS’s clogging the proverbial arteries of the industry, its refreshing to see games that excersise the mind escalating in popularity. The Cave sounds like an intresting premise, and I’ll ook forward to seeing more of this.


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