Groupees’ Build-A-Bundle launched, over halfway to first unlockable bonus goal which includes music albums

Groupees’ Build-A-Bundle has finally launched. The bundle allows you to choose as many games as you’d like for a fixed minimum price; however you must purchase at least three items. There’s 12 games in total, which you may choose all of them if you so please. Three games will set a minimum price of $3. Then every additional game added to the bundle is anywhere between $0.25-$1 added onto the last price. Therefore if you want four games, it’ll be $3.75 minimum, then five games is at $4.50, and so on. If you’d like to select all nine games, the minimum asking price is $9.

20% of the donations are going to the Polar Bears International, which is awesome because who doesn’t want to save cute polar bears?! This bundle will also include music by Armcannon, Disasterpeace and Stemage. Six out of the twelve games that have been highlighted from the new bundle have previously been in Groupees’ Be Mine Bundles. Check it out on their official website.


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