Diablo III is the fast-selling PC game ever, breaks new records

If you haven’t already heard, Blizzard has been receiving a lot of criticism surrounding the newly-released Diablo III. Most recently the news has focused on hacks concerning Diablo III player’ accounts. But in lieu of the recent news, Diablo III has officially become the fastest-selling PC game ever as well as the biggest PC game launch ever too. Diablo III sold over 3.5 million copies in the first 24 hours on sale. Also that statistic doesn’t include the 1.2 million people who claimed the game through Blizzard’s Diablo III World of Warcraft annual pass promotion. In addition to being the fast-selling PC game, it also boasts as the most pre-ordered PC game of all-time on Amazon.com. Also Diablo III is the best day-one sales for any PC game ever on the digital shop. Blizzard’s Mike Morhaime had this to say concerning Diablo III‘s record-breaking achievements and Diablo III players inability to play due the constant maintenance:

“We’re definitely thrilled that so many people around the world were excited to pick up their copy of Diablo 3 and jump in the moment it went live. We also regret that our preparations were not enough to ensure everyone had a seamless experience when they did so. I want to reaffirm our commitment to make sure the millions of Diablo 3 players out there have a great experience with the game moving forward, and I also want to thank them for their ongoing support. Regarding today’s announcement, we recognise that setting a new launch record is a big achievement. However, we’re especially proud of the gameplay feedback we’ve received from players worldwide. We’re pleased that Diablo 3 has lived up to players’ high expectations, and we’re looking forward to welcoming more players into Sanctuary in the days ahead” (Eurogamer).


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