Bundle In A Box has launched

Kyttaro Games’ Bundle In A Box is available now. So far it features seven games, two of which are only available for those who pay above the average: Metal Dead and The Shivah. The main games in this adventure bundle are: Gemini Rue; Ben There Dan That! Special Edition; Time Gentlemen, Please!; The Sea Will Claim Everything (a brand new text-based adventure game release); and 1893: A World’s Fair Mystery. Those five games are available for around $2.94 at the moment. However if you wish for the extra two games, you’ll have to pay around $5.76. In addition to the games, the organizers added in three extras to start off: Gemini Rue soundtrack, Metal Dead booklet, and The Shivah soundtrack. Also for each 10,000 sale another extra will unlock as well as for every 500 purchases the minimum price will drop $0.05. The organizers chose a Greek charity that is very personal to them; it’s called Perivolaki – The Hellenic Centre for Mental Health and Treatment of Child and Family. In addition, for every 15,000 bundles sold $2,000 will be added to the Indie Dev Grant fund, which will then be given to one chosen developer once the bundle’s time runs out.

For those who pay above the average:

  • Metal Dead by Walk Thru Walls (direct, Desura)
  • The Shivah by Wadjet Eye Games (direct download only)

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