Groupees announces new indie game bundle, Build-A-Bundle for yourself!

A brand new indie game bundle is coming from Groupees soon on May 21st. But don’t fret, this bundle isn’t replacing Groupees’ Be Mine Bundle! This new bundle is incorporating a new idea to the indie game bundles of today. This bundle you may choose which games you’d like to purchase and play (don’t forget about the extra unlockable bonus items too!). You may pay what you want, but of course there will be minimum donation requirements. However, 20% of the donations are going to the Polar Bears International, which is awesome because who doesn’t want to save cute polar bears?! This bundle will also include music by Armcannon, Disasterpeace and Stemage. Six out of the twelve games that have been highlighted from the new bundle have previously been in Groupees’ Be Mine Bundles. But you’ll be able to choose from the list below, but there are no details on how many games you may choose to pick your bundle. Check it out on their official website.


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  1. Laetus Viator (@LaetusViator)
    Jun 02, 2012 @ 18:54:22

    I really liked this format for the bundle, because usually (inevitably?) there are games that I don’t need/want in other bundles. Hope they do this again in the future.


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