Indie Royale’s All-Charity Lightning Pack goes live

Indie Royale’s Lightning Pack has just arrived, sporting four games and three albums if you pay a minimum of $7. This bundle is a bit different from the rest because this bundle all proceeds go directly to charity. It’s Indie Royale’s All-Charity Pack. The four charities the developers chose to support are UNICEF’s Haiti Aid, Amnesty International, the EFF and ActionAid, which you are able to decide how you would like your money divide amongst them. For this bundle, your money will net you these four games plus Mat Jarvis’ (under the name High Skies) album, Sounds of Earth.

In addition to the games if you chose to support above $7, you will also receive these three chiptune albums: Jake Kaufman’s FX4 (Retro City Rampage composer), Disasterpeace’s Level (Fez composer), and a new EP from 6955 titled IN1ep (Super T.I.M.E Force composer).

Every game is a Windows only game, except for Osmos which is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Also you’ll receive keys for every game except The Shivah, which is only available on Desura or through the Windows DRM-free download. Each game is available for Desura.

The bundle is going on for 100 hours. If you feel like supporting and are able to take a break from your Diablo III gameplay, head over to the official website.

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