Sox head back home to Indians after losing series to Royals

Tonight my favorite two teams of MLB go head-to-head (though of course the Red Sox are always my number 1 team). The former Red Sox (awfully sad that he left after the 2004 World Series) and now Cleveland Indians’ pitcher, Derek Lowe (4-1, 2.39 ERA), takes the mound tonight against Josh Beckett (2-3, 4.45 ERA). The Red Sox are now back home after losing their road series against the Royals last night in a disappointing 4-3 loss.

The Red Sox had some tough breaks last night. Lester was hoping for a few called balls to be strikes, then there was the fielding error by Marlon Byrd which allowed Butler to score in the bottom of the 1st, advanced Francoeur to 3rd, and placed Johnny Giavotella on 1st. Brayan Pena then scored 2 RBIs on a double to left field that put the Royals up 3-0. The Royals later added the go-ahead run in the bottom of the 4th after the Red Sox scored 3 runs to tie the game on a 3-run double by Adrian Gonzalez on the top of the 4th. The Red Sox were obviously not able to produce anything to stop another loss that placed the Red Sox at now .400 baseball. Also Lester ended in five innings, giving up four runs on six hits and one of which was just a single earned run. He struck out three as well.

As much as I love Derek Lowe, I hope the Red Sox will be able to do something against him and come out with a win. Or better yet do something against the Indians other pitchers so Lowe stays stellar. The Red Sox are in a huge rut right now and it’s quite obvious the problems from last season have turned over to this season and not even Bobby Valentine can fix it nor does it seem like the Red Sox’s management is trying to.


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