MLB.TV Premium app available to UK and Europe on Xbox Live

If I used my Xbox 360 more, I’d be a lot more excited about this (also it would be more exciting if I was living in the UK), but regardless it’s still exciting since it means more availability to MLB. MLB.TV Premium app is now available to purchase from Xbox Live in the UK and most of Europe. The app is already available in North America. To receive all the features, you must a Gold subscriber as well as have a paid subscription to the MLB.TV Premium which would run you $114.99 a year (about £71), or $24.99 a month (£15). With all that money, you’d be able to watch highlights, stream multiple live games as well as watch games from the 2011 season.

Personally I love MLB.TV. It helped me during my college years when I was stuck in New York and unable to watch any Red Sox games unless it was against their rivals, New York Yankees; but even then I wasn’t always able to find/watch the game on TV (if it was against NYY) or watch it on my laptop either because of the blackout restrictions, overall besides that the app is amazing. It’s pricey, but fantastic for those MLB fans.


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