New GameDev bundle to release over summer

Yup there’s a new indie game bundle on the horizon. This one’s called GameDev Bundle. It will feature the following games:

Auralux (Tetragrammatonn, real-time strategy)

Astroslugs (Bit Barons, puzzle)

. Pitman (Rat King Entertainment, turn-based roguelike)

. Cardinal Quest (Ido Yehieli, dungeon crawler)

Girl With A Heart Of (Bent Spoon Games, point-and-click adventure)

. Influence (Blanket Fort Games, real-time strategy)

Like most bundles, this is a pay-what-you-want with a minimum of .01 and all games will be DRM-free. The bundle created by a Reddit user named Reparadocs will release sometime in late June or early July. Also don’t be so worried about repeat games; the GameDev Team isn’t accepting any games featured from Indie Royale or Humble Bundle (though I do see Cardinal Quest which was in the IndieFort bundle from Gamersgate).


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