Indie Gala adds tons of music as last week’s bonus

UPDATE: 5/10/12 – Indie Gala has now added DeadEnd: Cerebral Vortex into their bundle which ends in the next five days. The game is part of the original bundle; therefore you don’t have to pay above the average in order to get it. Also all of the people who already bought the bundle will receive the game on their Indie Gala link page.

The first-person surreal labyrinth game!
Do a trip into a surreal world of subconscious, where reality mingles
with illusion, and symbolism replaces traditional storytelling!

I received an email stating Indie Gala has released music as the last bonus for its last nine days. The bundle now includes eight albums which are detailed below.

IndiegalaIV gives you 8 audio gems that you can’t miss!
The Flashbulb melancholic and gentle 2011 album Opus at The end of Everything plus his masterpiece Arboreal, one of the greatest 2010 electro music records
F-777 & kr1z1 are back! After the success of IG3 when we received hundreds of emails praising Vol.2 we decided to include ReMotion Vol 1 in IG4!
Giraffage space creafted EP Pretty things comes together with the full Comfort album to make you dream again!
ImCwazy is F-777 side project, a trip in the Dubstep universe!
Really Big Sky Original Soundtrack one of the best soundtrack ever composed for a videogame!
Tormishire Original Soundtrack is just the icing on the cake!


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