Steam’s midweek madness features the awesome Bastion and Dustforce

After coming home from work and I just finished up cooking, I low and behold my eyes to the wonderful 60% off sale on Bastion and 50% off sale on Dustforce. Now I of course already have Bastion, which is a wonderful and amazing game; however, I have been eagerly awaiting for little sale on Dustforce and now it’s here. If you haven’t heard any of these games, well get reading and watching! Bastion is wonderful narrative RPG created by Supergiant Games. You play as a boy who must explore Calamity and collect shards in order to power up the Bastion. Hitbox Team‘s Dustforce is a rather recent indie game that puts you as a janitor. You must clean the world! Sweep up dust and leaves in this 2D platformer. Jump walls and glide across ceilings as you whack foes with your broom.

These games are notable games of the indie genre which are also both being celebrated with a sale on Steam because of their recent updates. Bastion just released for Macs, so if you head over and purchase the Steam version you’ll receive both the PC and the Mac version for the nifty price of $5.99 (or $9.98 for Bastion and its soundtrack) which lasts only until Thursday, May 2nd at 7.00pm EST. Or if you’d like head over to the Mac App Store to pick up a copy. In addition, Dustforce also has Steamplay for all you dual users out there or those like me who like the option of both (even if I don’t have a Mac hah). It’s priced at $4.99 and $6.49 for the game and its soundtrack. Dustforce got a level editor added today for free. Once people create new levels, you’ll be able to play users’ levels and challenge yourself and your sweeping skills. Head over to Steam to pick up your copy of Bastion and Dustforce today! In addition to the Bastion and Dustforce sales, the daily deal is Crazy Machines: Complete Pack for $24.99, 50% off from $49.99, check it out here!

Bastion Official Trailer

Dustforce Trailer

Dustforce Level Editior video


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