Assassin’s Creed III makes improvements on animations and incorporates interactions with animals

As everyone knows by now, Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed‘s latest installment is set during the American Revolution. The game will take place in Boston as well as New York and most importantly on the frontier. Of course in the bustling cities of Boston and New York you’ll meet a myriad of people. Therefore, the development has really taken the initiative to push out some new ideas and reinvent how the city’s inhabitants interacted. Alex Hutchinson, Assassin’s Creed III‘s creative director and Aussie ex-pat, detailed the interactions with residents, stating that the people will be drawn to areas or interactions and they will actually leave a conversation and interact with someone or something else rather than continuous chat you always see them banter in. There’s also another crowd behavior dynamic that we aren’t privy to, but hopefully we’ll know soon or we’ll wait until the release of ACIII.

In addition to the people interaction changes, Hutchinson divulged players will spend a huge time on the frontier and as such they have made various interactions possible with the wild life. Players will be able to kill animals to trade their skins and complete side quests; however how you kill the animal will change the quality of the skin. Also there will be clubs for Connor to join. For example, if you enjoy maiming and slaughtering animals well, you will probably receive a hearty invitation to join the let’s-kill-animals-for-fun club or if you stealthily follow your prey and continually take down animals with one shot of your bow, you will then receive an invitation to join the hunting club.

These are just some of the new ideas and improvements Assassin’s Creed III has to offer. Check out the original preview here.

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