Riot Games adds Spectator Mode in new patch

In the next patch, as they stated months ago, Riot Games will finally implement the spectator mode they originally announced. You’ll be able to watch your friends play their games. Not only will you be able to watch your own friends, but you’ll also be able to watch “featured games” which will showcase some of the best League of Legends players. Two main features Riot Games added to the new spectator mode are timeshift controls as well as directed camera. The timeshift controls allow people to watch any part of the game in case they missed anything or joined in late to watch the game. It’ll let people be able to watch those key moments nobody ever wants to miss. In addition, the directed camera feature will allow people to watch the most engaging activity that is happening on the Fields of Justice. Therefore, it’ll focus on such actions like First Blood and team fights if they are occurring. The directed camera also lets people choose a specific player to focus their camera on. Check out the official post here.


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