Red hopes to sweep White; Red Sox extend streak to six

(AP Photo/Paul Beaty)

Lester had an awesome night going seven innings, allowing five hits, no runs, and striking out seven batters in a 1-0 win last night for the Red Sox. Peavy equally had a great night going nine innings, allowing four hits, and also striking out seven batters; however, he allowed one run which was the deciding factor in this pitching duel. It was a RBI single to Gonzalez in the top of the fourth, which gave the Red Sox the lead and put them as the victors. Morales replaced Lester in the top of the eighth. He got two outs before giving up a single to Alexei Ramirez. Then Padilla replaced him and got the third out. Lastly, Aceves had a wonderful 1-2-3 inning, which got him the save and allowed the Red Sox to finally reach .500 baseball.  This afternoon Beckett takes the mound. It looks like Red Sox Nation might be getting their brooms out for a second time in a row this late afternoon.

The game begins at 2.10pm. It’s Beckett (2-2, 4.56 ERA) versus Gavin Floyd (1-3, 3.60 ERA). You can watch the game on NESN and here’s this afternoon’s lineup.

Aviles SS
Sweeney RF
Pedroia 2B
Gonzalez 1B
Ortiz DH
Youkilis 3B
Ross LF
Byrd CF
Shoppach C

Beckett SP


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