Blizzard implements a new restoration system

(PC Gamer)

Do you play WoW? Do you have crazy epic gear on your main? You do?!  Well did you delete that mighty fine staff or perhaps you have made yourself bootless? Well have no fear, Blizzard’s new item restoration system is here. For the low, low price of nothing, you may retrieve the items you once sold, crafted, traded, and deleted with one click of a button through Blizzard’s I have too through my years of playing World of Warcraft made the mistake of deleting an important item; however, I have made sure that never happens again. But mistakes happen. It’s nice that this new system exists rather than patiently (or impatiently) waiting for an answer to your submitted ticket by a Blizzard employee. However, the one important point to this system is you may only do a restoration once per month per an account. Therefore, choose your items very carefully before you restore them, because you’ll have a while to wait if you missed an item.


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