Q.U.B.E. Collector’s Edition soon and an update

Toxic Games decided to release a Collector’s Edition in Germany and later with Headup Games, they’ll release Collector’s Editions in Austria and Switzerland as well. The CEs will release sometime this summer and will pack extra goodies in the edition along with the soundtrack. Not only will Toxic Games release Collector’s Editions of their puzzler game, but they also be releasing Q.U.B.E.‘s soundtrack chock full of 30 tracks of enjoyment and the 1.5 version update launched. The soundtrack will be priced at $5.99/£4.99/€5.99 and will be made available on iTunes, Amazon and Steam on May 4th. The updated “‘1.2 version [fixed] many of the bugs in Sector 7 of the game and allows you to customize your keyboard layout'” (Indie Game Mag). Learn more about the game at the official website. You may also purchase Q.U.B.E. at Steam, Desura, Gamersgate, and Playism.

Check out the dubstep trailer that was made a couple months ago.


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