Red Sox 4/24/12 play by play

End of the game: Beckett gave a stellar performance going 6.0 IP, 5 K, 3 BB, 2 ER, and lowered his ERA to 4.56. In addition, Atchinson and Albers got their pitching together and combined for finally! zero runs in the innings they pitched (Atchinson 2.0 IP, 3 K; Albers 1.0 IP, 1 H). Mike Aviles also went 4-for-4 today, belting a solo shot to left in the bottom of the fourth.

Top of the eighth: The Sox keep on adding the runs. McDonald grounded into a fielder’s choice to third which allowed to Anderson to score and Punto and Ortiz to advanced, 11-2 Red Sox.

Bottom of the fifth: Willingham scored Carroll on a double to left, 10-2 Red Sox.

Top of the fifth: Aviles doubled to left center field and scored Byrd, making it 8-1. Red Sox added another run with another double by Pedroia, scoring Aviles. Sox up 9-1. Gonzalez also hit a nice double to left center field that scored Pedey, 10-1 Red Sox.

Top of the fourth: Sox kept adding insurance runs. This time Aviles hit a solo shot to left. Gonzalez singled to right center field, getting Sweeney to score 7-1.

Top of the third: Ortiz hit a monster of a home run to right scoring Gonzalez, upping the Sox 5-1.

Bottom of the first: Minnesota got a run with a bases loaded walk. Moreanu walked which scored Carroll. Luckily Beckett got out of the jam.

Top of the first: Ryan Sweeney gave Boston the lead early with a single that scored Mike Aviles. Sox up 1-0. David Ortiz up the Sox’s score 2-0 by scoring Pedroia off of a single to left. Later Ross grounded out, but was able to score Gonzalez, making it 3-0 Sox.


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